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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 78: The Night Demonic Wolf

Chapter 78: The Night Demonic Wolf

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Looking at Liu Huo’s flustered back view, Ji Fengyan could not hold in her laughter.

Fine, I admit I am a little evil. It’s just that Liu Huo’s reaction was too interesting and she could not hold it in that moment.

Ji Fengyan restrained her thoughts and looked at Xiao Tianquan, who was hiding in a corner, feeling afraid. She smiled and walked over while conveniently taking out a dull red elixir from the Space Soul Jade. That elixir emitted an intoxicating smell. Xiao Tianquan was originally all nervous, but after smelling the fragrance, its blue eyes shone even brighter and instinctively wanted to step forward, but it was wary and took a step back.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you. So long as you are well-behaved in the future, I promise that your life will be much more comfortable than how you were leading in the past,” Ji Fengyan coaxed patiently.

Xiao Tianquan looked at her with its guards on. When it glanced at that pill, its eyes revealed its obvious desire for it.

That night, no one knew what exactly happened, except that on the next day’s morning, when Linghe walked past the firewood room in the backyard, he was slightly stunned. There was a tall and sturdy Yang Jian standing outside the firewood room, and there was a small black canine creature lying beside his foot. This sight really frightened Linghe.

But when Linghe looked more carefully, he then realised that Yang Jian, who was standing motionless there, was actually a figurine carved out of wood. Rather, it was the live creature laying at Yang Jian’s feet that caught Linghe’s attention.

“Wasn’t this…”

“Brother Ling,” just before Linghe noticed anything, Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly rang. Linghe turned around and saw Ji Fengyan carrying the timid Bai Ze walking around the yard.

“Miss, this is?” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan with a puzzled look.

Ji Fengyan laughed. “This is Yang Jian, and the black dog beside him is called Xiao Tianquan.”

Linghe: “…”

He did not know what antics his Miss was up to again, but that Xiao Tianquan… For God’s sake, it was obviously a Night Demonic Wolf club!

The night demonic wolf is a type of extremely ferocious demonic creature with very strong battling abilities, especially after being stimulated by the smell of blood. Once it entered a battle, it would not stop until it was dead and never cowered. Countless terminators had the intention of catching a night demonic wolf to serve as their own mount, but they were very rare. Even the royal family hardly had a chance to come into contact with one, and only one or two of them would appear occasionally at the black market. When that happened, the price of each one of them was sky high. But most of the time, their price was high yet no one was selling them. The ferocity of the night demonic wolf was high, so there were few people who could control them. Even if there were any, and they raised the beast from a young age, the wildness of the night demonic wolf made it almost impossible for them to listen to the commands of their owners and sometimes there was even a situation of them killing their owners.

Therefore, up till the present day, there was not any terminator that could successfully possess a night demonic wolf as their mount.

The appearance of this Night Demonic Wolf already made Linghe very shocked, but what made him even more speechless was that their Miss had actually called this Night Demonic Wolf cub as… a black dog.

Linghe secretly wiped the cold sweat that he had.

Just when Linghe intended to explain to Ji Fengyan about the rarity of the night demonic wolf, and the difficulty of raising it, Ji Fengyan suddenly squatted down and beckoned to that night demonic wolf laying on the ground.

Soon after…

The wolf cub that was supposed to be unyielding and brutal had actually…

With its tail wagging, it scurried to Ji Fengyan’s side. It completely did not have the rumoured arrogance and instead rubbed against the back of Ji Fengyan’s hands as if trying to please her.

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