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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 101: Ji City’s Stormy Situation (2)

Chapter 101: Ji City’s Stormy Situation (2)

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Lei Xu was a scheming person and even dared to be ruthless to Ji Fengyan. Even without thinking, it was possible to guess how many debts of blood he had. The place that he had lived for so long was thus naturally a very unsuitable place for immortal cultivation. Ji Fengyan could not even bring herself to like the place. Why else would she move there on her own accord?

Linghe was a little dazed by what Ji Fengyan had said. His emotions were already numb.

Anyway, their Miss’s style of handling matters differed completely from others, and he had gotten used to it.

“Even though you said so, but some things belonging to the City Lord should be returned to you, otherwise how would you manage Ji City in the future? Moreover, if Miss does not intend to move from here, we still need to look for someone to renovate this residence,” Linghe quickly caught onto Ji Fengyan’s way of thinking.

Without hesitating, Ji Fengyan immediately took out a few gold bars from the Space Soul Jade and placed it in front of Linghe, “All right, I know little about this area, sorry to trouble Brother Ling to settle it for me.”

Linghe held onto the gold bars and his expression was a little complexed.

Up till now, he had not understood where his Miss had taken the gold bars from!

“Sure, I shall go prepare now,” Linghe stabilised his emotions and resigned to fate as he left.

Linghe handed over the gold bars to Zuo Nuo and asked him to find a few carpenters in the city who were skilled at renovating residences and yard. Then, he brought five guards and charged towards City Lord’s residence to seize everything that belonged to the City Lord!

In the City Lord’s residence, with the help of his maidservant, Lei Min could finally get off from his bed and walk around. Even though he had applied his medication and his wounds were half healed, every time he took a step, that heart piercing pain tortured every nerve in him.

He looked out of the entrance of the yard frequently with a look of anticipation.

“City Lord’s young master, you can be rest assured. The City Lord is personally dealing with her, so how would that lowly brat be let off? You don’t have to worry, just rest peacefully and wait for the City Lord to bring back that lowly brat to serve you,” the maidservant who was helping Lei Min said obediently.

That morning, Lei Xu had told Lei Min his plan and right in front of Lei Min’s eyes, gathered more than a hundred soldiers to charge towards where Ji Fengyan was living at.

Lei Min’s eyes were smiling and lifted his chin high with arrogance. “Even that stupid brat won’t be able to beat my father. She had actually caused me this much humiliation; if I do not let her taste some bitterness, she would really think too highly of herself.”

“Isn’t it so?” the maidservant concurred.

“I believe it’s about time. When father brings her back, you should know how to deal with her right?” Lei Min lifted his hand to pinch the beautiful maidservant’s chin frivolously.

The maidservant responded with a sweet voice, “Don’t worry City Lord young master. I have my ways to teach those types of women who do not know her place. I bet that after two days, I can make her kneel in front of your bed and serve you willingly and well-behaved.”

“Mm,” Lei Min nodded, satisfied. Then after thinking for a while, he asked, “Is there still no response from Lingsheng?”

Weirdly enough, ever since Su Lingsheng was unconscious in the gem store that day, there was no sign of her awaking up till today. The physicians had stayed by her side every day but they still could not find the cause.

“Temporarily… not yet,” the maidservant shook her head.

“Continue to watch closely. I received some news yesterday that the group of businessmen are going to come to Ji City earlier than expected. If Lingsheng is still not awake by then, I’m afraid it will spoil our plans.” Lei Min frowned slightly as he said.

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