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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 102: Stray Dog (1)

Chapter 102: Stray Dog (1)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Lei Min’s voice just stopped, there was suddenly a ruckus coming from the front yard of the City Lord’s residence.

Lei Min’s heart skipped a beat.

“Young Master, I believe the City Lord is back. I shall help you there now,” the maidservant said with a smile.

Lei Min nodded vigorously and his heart continued to palpitate uncontrollably. Even though walking would pain him, he could not suppress the impatience in him as he took large steps ahead.

He was already eager to see Ji Fengyan’s pathetic look after being captured.

He would make that stupid brat pay for everything she had done previously!

Soon, with the help of the maidservant, Lei Min arrived at the front yard. Although he was filled with expectations, when he saw Linghe and his men standing there, he was completely dazed.

There was no sign of Lei Xu; neither was Ji Fengyan there. Only Linghe and the five tall and strong build guards were standing unscathed and staring fiercely at his servants there.

Seeing this spectacle, Lei Min was stunned. It was completely different from what he had imagined.

Didn’t his father promise to bring Linghe’s beheaded head for him to relieve his anger?

How was it that Linghe was standing unharmed in front of him?

“Why are you here? Who allowed you in?” Lei Min frowned. Not understanding the situation, but facing Linghe who had brought him humiliation, Lei Min was only filled with anger and hatred. He shouted in a deep voice. “Come, someone! Kick these fellows who had barged into the City Lord’s residence out!”

Linghe’s brows were raised high. He looked at Lei Min, who still looked pale and said in a cold voice, “kick me out? Lei Min, I’m afraid that you’re still not awake yet!”

As he said, Linghe immediately sat down on the main seat of the City Lord’s residence. With his legs poised, he looked at Lei Min arrogantly.

Lei Min’s face darkened instantly. “How dare you! This seat is not for someone like you to sit out! Come, someone! Bring him away!”

As he shouted, the pitch of his voice also changed, but…

The servants standing at the main yard did not react. The guards who were guarding outside also stood still with their heads lowered, as if they had not heard Lei Min’s orders.

“Have you all gone deaf? How dare you not obey my commands? Are you intending to wait for the City Lord to return and skin you all alive?” Lei Min scolded.

But no one reacted to Lei Min’s shout.

“Enough, you’d better save some energy. The City Lord you are referring to can’t be Lei Xu, right? Sorry but I believe that there is no way that he would return to skin all these people alive,” Linghe dug his ears and said nonchalantly.

After accompanying Ji Fengyan for so long, this maddening attitude was also passed on to him.

“What do you mean?” Lei Min’s heart stopped for a while. An ominous feeling spread from his chest suddenly.

“What do I mean?” Linghe laughed and said, “What I meant is that your father’s head had already been detached from his neck. Rather than thinking of how to let him stand up for you, why not think about how to care for his funeral arrangements?”

“What!” Lei Min’s body shook vigorously. In his panic, he took a few steps back. Without the maidservant supporting him, he would have already fallen to the ground.

“You are spouting nonsense!”

“Nonsense?” Linghe looked at Lei Min with his raised brows. Suddenly, he laughed. “Forget it, I couldn’t be bothered to waste time with useless scum like you. You guys hurry and do what you have to do. This place was indeed like what Miss had said. No one would be willing to even stay for a second in such a foul atmosphere; it already disgusted me the minute I entered.”

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