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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 103: Stray Dog (2)

Chapter 103: Stray Dog (2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After he finished, Linghe ignored Lei Min and directly took away a few items that the City Lord was in charge of and a seal.

During the entire process, Lei Min could say nothing. He wanted to rebut Linghe but… he had already realised that the fact that Linghe and his men could appear there unharmed suggested that his father’s plan had likely gone wrong.

After waiting for Linghe to finish getting the items and leave from the City Lord’s residence, those servants who kept quiet out of fear finally revealed the truth under Lei Min’s persistent questioning.

The news that Lei Xu was dead spread in Ji City like wildfire. The news was also just heard by the servants from the City Lord’s residence. Before they could inform Lei Min, Linghe and his men had already arrived.

After learning about everything, it was as if he fell into a freezing lake, as Lei Min stood at his spot with a hopeless face. His mind was blank.

“Master Linghe had said that City Lord Ji does not intend to move to the City Lord’s residence, so… City Lord’s young mas… cough… young master can still stay here,” the servants said with wrecking nerves.

Lei Min slowly turned his head to look at the servant who had spoken. Suddenly, an infuriated look was shown on his face. He lifted his hand and slapped that servant so hard that he fell to the ground.

“Scram! All of you scram!” Lei Min bellowed.

All the servants in the main yard were shivering in fear and fled.

There was only Lei Min and the maidservant supporting him left there.

It was over. Everything was over…

Lei Min felt as if the sky had collapsed on him.

It was impossible for him to think that his father, who left confidently, would end up dead within half a day and his identity had also changed from the City Lord’s young master to Ji City’s laughingstock within such a short time span.

In front of everyone else, Ji Fengyan had declared that she did not take a fancy to Lei Min. This humiliation was something he had never experienced in his entire lifetime.

Uneasiness, rage and panic mixed in Lei Min’s heart. His face was completely pale and his fingertips were shivering from cold.

Ji Fengyan did not care to stay in the City Lord’s residence. This place left behind by her was more like pity and an insult to him.

“City Lord’s young mas—young master?” the maidservant looked nervously at Lei Min’s changing expressions.

Lei Min gritted his teeth. His face was so dark that it scared people.

“Bring me to Lingsheng’s room,” Lei Min suddenly said.

The maidservant was dazed, “But Miss Su is still not…”

“If you don’t want to die, bring me there now!” Lei Min shouted.

The maidservant shook and silently led Lei Min towards Su Lingsheng’s room.

Linghe moved all the scrolls that belonged to Ji City’s City Lord to Ji Fengyan’s residence. Zuo Nuo had also found a famous carpenter in Ji City and prepared to renovate the residence. With Ji Fengyan’s killing spree previously, the carpenters were even more hardworking and wanted to leave a good impression on the new City Lord.

Just on the second day after Linghe had returned from the City Lord’s residence, Lei Min suddenly disappeared, along with Su Lingsheng who was unconscious for many days. The riches accumulated by Lei Xu for many years had also vanished.

With Lei Xu dead and Lei Min missing, all the servants and guards at the City Lord’s residence left separately.

Ji City’s City Lord’s residence that was as crowded as a marketplace in the past had completely become an empty place that no one dared to enter.

Instead, the new City Lord’s residence that Ji Fengyan was staying in received many gifts from various family heads. Money and treasures were all carried outside the residence in carts but eventually, they were all returned.

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