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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: Enemies Are Bound to Meet (4)

Chapter 110: Enemies Are Bound to Meet (4)

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As she said, Su Lingsheng lifted her hands and with a soft clap, the two guards behind her immediately carried a mahogany chest over.

The chest was very heavy. When it was placed on the ground, it made a deep sound.

“How great it is,” the businessmen nodded in satisfaction. Even though their tone was polite, there was no humility in it, which was completely different from other businessmen who would usually be very respectful towards the royal family.

In contrast to Su Lingsheng’s attitude, she was very cautious, as if the other party was not like other businessmen.

“May I trouble you to check it?” Su Lingsheng smiled as she said.

The businessman nodded and then with his partner opened the mahogany chest. There were different types of rare ores that were already washed in the chest and their size and colour looked decent. After the commoners at the side saw clearly, they could not help but secretly swallow their saliva. Comparing the rare ores in Su Lingsheng’s chest box, the ones in their hands were like a bunch of trash.

The rare ores that were very valuable in the eyes of others did not make those two businessmen shocked. With their calm faces, they checked the rare ores while Su Lingsheng stood at the side with her nervous eyes, even though her face pretended to be calm.

After a short while, the businessmen finished checking all the ores and covered the chest. When they looked once again at Su Lingsheng, they were a little displeased.

“Miss Su, if I am not wrong, when we came to Ji City the other time, our young master has already told you which rare ores we need. Although there are quite a lot of rare ores here and their quality is acceptable, but they are still differing very much in the quantity we needed,” the businessman said coldly.

Su Lingsheng was a little embarrassed. Suddenly, she looked at Ji Fengyan with hatred in her eyes.

How would she know that the quantity of the rare ores was insufficient?!

She was unconscious for the past few days and when she woke up, the City Lord of Ji City had suddenly changed. All the rich mineral veins were under Ji Fengyan’s control. How could she gather sufficient rare ores that the businessmen wanted?

At this moment, Su Lingsheng’s hatred for Ji Fengyan grew deeper. This was a matter that the eldest princess had left to her and Lei father and son, but Ji Fengyan suddenly appeared and spoilt all their plans!

Su Lingsheng gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. She kept her eyes away from Ji Fengyan and said, “I know this quantity is far from what you need, but the eldest princess had already permitted that so long as you are willing to give her that item, she would definitely put in good words in front of His Majesty and ensure that your group can pass through every city easily. You should also know that Your Majesty had always doted on the eldest princess. Even though you guys are never scared of authority, it should not be difficult for you to be more lenient for the eldest princess’s sake.”

Su Lingsheng smiled as she said.

The two businessmen were a little troubled.

“Besides, I believe that your main goal of coming Ji City is just to collect more rare ores. I can guarantee that this chest of rare ores is the best in Ji City. Other than this, you will definitely not find any better ones,” Su Lingsheng declared with full confidence.


Those two men’s gaze changed and they subconsciously looked at Ji Fengyan, who was standing at the side.

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