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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Are You Jealous? (1)

Chapter 111: Are You Jealous? (1)

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Su Lingsheng frowned her brows as she did not understand why those two men suddenly looked at Ji Fengyan.

Su Lingsheng continued to say, “The eldest princess has always been a woman of her words. So long as you guys agree to it, the eldest princess will immediately pass the message to Your Majesty. Moreover, you guys don’t wish to leave empty-handed this time, right? How would those ores from the commoners be able to satisfy your needs?”

“Uh…” the two businessmen hesitated.

At this moment, a gentle and pleasing voice suddenly came from one of the horse carriage in front.

“Miss Su’s suggestion is indeed tempting, but we also have our own principles. I really appreciate the eldest princess’s kind intentions.”

That was an extremely pleasing male’s voice. It was smooth and gentle like clear waters passing through the mountains. His tone sounded like there was a faint laughter and his voice was so pleasing to the ears that it could even tame the most aggressive beast.

The two men who were originally hesitating, after hearing the man’s voice, immediately returned to normal, “Miss Su, we’re really sorry. You have also heard our young master’s words, without sufficient ores, it will difficult for us to proceed with our transaction.”

Su Lingsheng secretly gritted her teeth. Even though she was indignant, she did not dare to disrespect the man.

Full of detest, she stared at Ji Fengyan.

If not for Ji Fengyan, there would not be so many troublesome obstacles interfering with her plans!

Looking at Su Lingsheng’s gaze that was full of hatred, Ji Fengyan continued to smile and did not care. Instead, she was interested in the man whom the voice belonged to.

What kind of background did he have to not even compromise with the eldest princess?

This person was really interesting.

“Fine, now that you have settled your matters, is it time to discuss mine?” Ji Fengyan reminded.

Those two businessmen were stunned and they said with an apologetic voice, “We apologize to have made you wait for this long. This is the list of items that you can exchange for. Please have a look and after confirming the items you want, we can make our transaction.”

As he said, one of them carefully placed a golden scroll into Ji Fengyan’s hands.

Su Lingsheng, who was standing at the side after seeing that golden scroll, was so shocked that her eyes widened so huge.

The golden scroll!

Su Lingsheng looked at the golden scroll in Ji Fengyan’s hands in disbelief. The items owned by this group of businessmen were extremely rare, and the owner of this group was still unknown. Su Lingsheng had made a few contacts with this group of businessmen while under the eldest princess’s commands and had a little understanding about them.

In different scrolls, there were different items written on them. According to the colour, they represent different values, and the golden scroll has the highest-valued items. Unless one has brought sufficiently valued rare ores, they would not even have the chance to look at this golden scroll!

How would Ji Fengyan be qualified to choose among the items in the golden scroll?

Su Lingsheng’s eyes were filled with shock as she stared. An unsettling feeling creeped up her heart.

Wasn’t the item that the eldest princess wanted in the golden scroll?

“Hold on! Why can she choose items from the golden scroll?” Su Lingsheng exclaimed in shock.

The two men frowned unhappily when they heard Su Lingsheng’s high-pitched voice, “the ores brought by this customer is sufficient for her to choose any item in the golden scroll.”

“Impossible!” Without thinking, Su Lingsheng immediately shouted.

Holding onto the golden scroll that was not opened yet, and looking at Ji Fengyan, who had a look of disbelief, Ji Fengyan’s lips curled into a smile as her brows were raised.

“Why? Are you jealous?”

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