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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 115: A Handsome Man’s Invitation (1)

Chapter 115: A Handsome Man’s Invitation (1)

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The image of the two people kneeling had a stark contrast with the aggressiveness that Su Lingsheng had when she had arrived.

There was a wave of whispering heard from all around. No one had imagined that the unattractive young girl from that day had actually stripped those few people who controlled Ji City off their power.

As the continuous whispers entered Su Lingsheng’s ears, every sentence was like a sharp dagger cutting through her pride by every inch.

She secretly clenched her fist tight and her red lips had turned white from her clenching her mouth tight.

“You guys must hate me a lot, right?” Ji Fengyan’s voice could be heard from above their heads.

Lei Min was slightly taken aback, but he did not respond.

But Su Lingsheng lifted her head and stared straight at Ji Fengyan. The hatred in her eyes had answered her question.

“Sadly, even though you hate me, aren’t you still kneeling before me well-behaved?” Ji Fengyan blinked her eyes innocently. The words that she said had almost made Su Lingsheng spit blood on the spot.

“Ji City Lord, please give us the Twin Everlasting Love Flower,” Lei Min said in his deep voice.

Ji Fengyan smiled slightly and slowly opened the silk box. Her slender fingers gently pinched off one flower. The spiritual energy that seemed like golden flames wrapped around her palms. Ji Fengyan transferred some air from her palm and it mixed with the spiritual energy of the flower.

“This Everlasting Feelings Flower is my gift for the eldest princess,” as Ji Fengyan said, she placed the flower in front of Su Lingsheng.

Su Lingsheng stared at the flower that she had pinched off. Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Ji Fengyan. “Didn’t we agree on the Twin Everlasting Love Flower? Why, you!”

Ji Fengyan placed her fair fingertips on her lips as she made a pose to stay quiet.

“It is because of our relationship that I give a stalk to you, and it is not my obligation to do so. You should not be so greedy.”

Su Lingsheng almost broke her teeth from clenching it so tightly together. She had almost jumped at Ji Fengyan to tear apart her seemingly innocent face.

With his brows frowning, Lei Min took the flower and did not say anything. He helped Su Lingsheng up and looked at Ji Fengyan. The ruthless look returned to his eyes. Then, without saying anything else, he left with the imperial guards behind him.

He left this place, the place that had made him feel utterly disgraced.

“Miss, why did you give it to them? Even if you had given it to them, they would also not say anything good about you. I’m afraid that they may badmouth about you to the eldest princess,” seeing Lei Min’s leaving back view, Linghe said.

Ji Fengyan waved her hands nonchalantly.

“Then so be it, so long as they can report on their task.”

“What do you mean?” Linghe was a little puzzled.

But Ji Fengyan did not explain further. She casually threw the box containing the Twin Everlasting Love Flower to Linghe and prepared to return to get another basket of ores. This Twin Everlasting Love Flower was purely so that she could annoy Su Lingsheng and Lei Min. To her, it had no use at all.

Just when Ji Fengyan wanted to leave, the businessman who had carried away the basket of rare ores suddenly returned.

“Please stay, customer!”

“Yes?” Ji Fengyan stopped in her tracks.

“From what those people had said just now, are you the new City Lord of Ji City Lord?” the businessman asked.

“Yes,” Ji Fengyan nodded.

Those two men were slightly stunned. Then, they said, “I send my respects to City Lord Master. Our young master has some matters to discuss with City Lord Master. May I invite you to enter the horse carriage?”

—— Separate Author Musing ——

[Mini skit]

Little crazy brat: This chapter’s name really made me feel the appearance of a beauty.

Mou Bei: Can you control your look of a love-struck fool?

Little crazy brat: Love-struck fool? No, everyone loves beauty.

Mou Bei: I will tell little Liu Huo that you had a change of feelings!

Liu Huo: …

Little crazy brat: Eh? Little Liu Huo, listen to my explanation, I did not…

Liu Huo: How has this got to do with me? [Emotionless face]

Mou Bei: Hahaha! He is definitely angry!

Little crazy brat: Bring me my knife.

Mou Bei: What do you want to do?!

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