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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 118: Little Liu Huo’s Worry (1)

Chapter 118: Little Liu Huo’s Worry (1)

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Liu Huo was about to take a step forward, but he suddenly stopped.

Behind Ji Fengyan, other than the familiar faces of Linghe and his men, there was another foreign and handsome face. That person was smiling widely as he followed behind Ji Fengyan and with every closing and opening of his mouth, it seemed like he was saying something to Ji Fengyan. Ji Fengyan was only smiling as she nodded. Her eyes that had curled into a smile were very pretty.

Except that the smile made Liu Huo feel something different inside him.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Liu Huo and was surprised. It was such a rare occurrence that this fellow was sighted at a place other than the backyard!

“Little Liu Huo, you…” Ji Fengyan just opened her mouth to speak but before she even got the chance to tease him, Liu Huo suddenly placed Bai Ze that he was hugging on the ground and left without saying anything.

“…” Ji Fengyan’s hands that were lifted in the air were instantly frozen as she looked at Bai Ze, who was standing there innocently.

“That person is Miss’s brother?” Gong Zhiyu also saw the handsome young man who had an appearance that ‘startled people with one glimpse’.

Ji Fengyan shook her head and said seriously, “Young master Gong, do you know a phrase?”

“I am willing to hear about it,” Gong Zhiyu said humbly.

Ji Fengyan’s lips curled into an evil grin and she said, “Hiding one’s lover in a magnificent house.”

Even Gong Zhiyu, who was always calm, was also stunned after hearing the words that had come out of Ji Fengyan’s mouth. With a puzzled look at Ji Fengyan, who was not even as tall as his chest level, he was taken aback.

“Uh, young master Gong, our Miss just loves to joke, don’t take it to heart. Liu Huo is a child that our Miss picked up along the way. He was heavily injured and Miss could not bear to be heartless so she brought him back to recuperate,” Linghe immediately took a step forward to explain seriously. However, he was crying inside.

When would his Miss ever be serious?!

How could she crack such a joke?!

Gong Zhiyu regained his composure gradually. He looked at Linghe, who had a miserable face, and Ji Fengyan, who had a face of, ‘I was not joking’. He wanted to laugh but luckily, he had a high level of self-control and held in his laughter, “since he was injured, the Twin Everlasting Love Flower that Miss had obtained today will have an effective use for his recovery. You can give it a shot and it will definitely be comparable to other superior-grade medication.”

“Good idea,” Ji Fengyan nodded. She was still frustrated over how to make use of that twin everlasting feelings flower.

Ji Fengyan’s reaction was very direct, which suited her age. If not because Gong Zhiyu had personally witnessed how she had taken Su Lingsheng and Lei Min down a notch, he would have really treated this skinny young girl like any other ordinary young kid.

Except that…

A part of her was very wise and the other part was innocent and straightforward. Which was the real her?

“Linghe, bring young master Gong to the storeroom first. I will go and settle the twin everlasting feelings flower,” after she said that Ji Fengyan immediately left without a trace.

That speed was so fast that it had stunned the two businessmen who had followed Gong Zhiyu there.

Linghe, who was left all alone suddenly, really wanted to cry.

Gong Zhiyu’s group was still going to be staying in the city for a few days. They had heard that Ji Fengyan had even more ores in her residence, so they proactively asked to have a look at them and Ji Fengyan also agreed to it.


Just right after she had brought the guest in, she left them aside to deal with other matters. Wasn’t this too inappropriate!

Without a choice, regardless of how much grief he felt, Linghe could only force himself to say to Gong Zhiyu, “Uh… young master Gong, please follow me to the storeroom for a look.”

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