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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 127: Run Away from Home (2)

Chapter 127: Run Away from Home (2)

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It had already been a few days after their last meeting. Initially, Gong Zhiyu did not notice it but after returning to her residence, he then realised that when he was interacting with Ji Fengyan, the pain within his body seemed to be suppressed by some unknown power. It lessened the torturous pain he was experiencing but after some time, the suppressed pain started to return.

It was almost at the same time that he first met Ji Fengyan that he had unknowingly been drawn to her and by doing so; it made him feel much better.

And Ji Fengyan naturally did not know about this.

The two men clad in black took such a long time to choose in the storeroom that their expressions had already revealed their fatigue.

There were really too many items and all the items dazzled them so much that they could not bear to place them down.

Seeing the grieving gaze that his subordinate shot him, Gong Zhiyu could not help but sigh softly. Then he looked towards Ji Fengyan and said, “Fengyan, can you sell all the ores in this storeroom to me?”

Ji Fengyan lazily glanced at Gong Zhiyu and without much deliberation, nodded her head.

Gong Zhiyu looked at Ji Fengyan’s listless face and knew that she could not be more concerned. A thought flashed across his mind and he said with a smile, “Then I will send some of my men to transport them within these few days. At the same time, I will ask them to send the items in the scroll over. It will undoubtedly be better if you can see the actual items instead of the words on the scroll.”

“Sure,” Ji Fengyan was still low-spirited.

The young, handsome man that she had cared for some time did not even inform her before he left. This made her very depressed.

She also did not bully him.

Gong Zhiyu had finally come to a realisation that no matter what he said, Ji Fengyan would not reject it.

“But those items are really rare, even I have to be cautious when handling them. May I ask if Fengyan can temporarily take me in for a few days, so that I can ensure that nothing will crop up when we exchange the items?” Gong Zhiyu smiled warmly and his pleasing voice made people unable to reject him.

Ji Fengyan only took a quick glance at Gong Zhiyu. From what she knew, Gong Zhiyu had been staying in a horse carriage ever since he had arrived at Ji City. Even though the horse carriage was very well-equipped, it would still be uncomfortable for his weak body.

After pondering for a while, Ji Fengyan agreed to it. Anyway, they would still be making deals with each other in the future and there were many items in his hands.

“I’ll let Brother Ling make the room arrangements for you.”

Gong Zhiyu expressed his gratitude. His gentle eyes flashed with a hidden smile.

Ji Fengyan was really different from the past her that day…

After obtaining Ji Fengyan’s permission, Gong Zhiyu openly stayed with his men at her residence and he also kept his promise to get his men to send all the items the next day.

Linghe arranged a room that was not close to where Ji Fengyan was staying at for Gong Zhiyu. It could only be considered a side courtyard, but Gong Zhiyu did not have any disagreements. Anyway, so long as he was in this residence, the pain in his body would be suppressed.

Ji Fengyan hung around in the residence like a spirit. When she passed the huge tree in the yard and saw a figure in a trance, her heart skipped a beat and her walking speed increased without her knowing.

“Fengyan?” Gong Zhiyu, who was sitting under the tree, looked at Ji Fengyan, who had an abnormal expression on her face.

Ji Fengyan’s face flashed with a look of disappointment that even she did not realise.

“So it was you.”

Gong Zhiyu laughed softly. “Otherwise, who did you think it was?”

Ji Fengyan pursed her lips and did not say anything, but her heart felt empty.

Just when Ji Fengyan was wondering what was happening to her, Linghe anxiously rushed over, with an unusual look.

“Miss, you should quickly head over to the front yard to have a look!”

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