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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 128: Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (1)

Chapter 128: Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (1)

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Ji Fengyan followed Linghe to the front yard. Even Gong Zhiyu had come along.

Just after they took a step into the front yard, a black figure suddenly fell towards Ji Fengyan. Before Linghe could react, Ji Fengyan had already reached out to stop that black figure from falling. When that black figure regained his balance, and Linghe had a clear look of him, Linghe almost spit blood.

That black figure was not anyone else. He was Zuo Nuo, whom Linghe had instructed to stay in the front yard to deal with the situation.

Zuo Nuo, who was previously still fine, had a graze at the corner of his eye. Fresh blood flowed down his wound where a knife had cut his face. If Ji Fengyan had not stopped him from falling and cushioned most of the force targeted at him, he would have been half-dead from falling directly on the ground.

“Mi… Miss…” Zuo Nuo’s face was scrunched up in pain. He wanted to regain his balance in a hurry, but his entire body trembled uncontrollably.

Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes. Suddenly, she lifted her head and looked towards the hall.

Su Lingsheng was standing pompously in the hall at the most noticeable position with her chin raised arrogantly high. Lei Min was just standing beside her.

A sturdy build man with strong facial features was standing in front of Su Lingsheng, with his hand still clenched in a fist. When he saw Ji Fengyan, his lips curled into a cold smile. He placed down his fist without panicking and haughtily looked at the miserable-looking Zuo Nuo.

“You can’t even stand such a light hit?”

Zuo Nuo gritted his teeth and wanted to charge forward, but he was firmly held back by Ji Fengyan.

Linghe’s face was very displeased. Just now, Su Lingsheng, along with Lei Min and this unknown man suddenly barged into the residence. While Linghe instructed Zuo Nuo to guard against them, he immediately ran to the backyard to look for Ji Fengyan.

But he did not expect that within such a short while, the man had actually started to use violence!

Not only was Zuo Nuo beaten up, but all the other guards in the hall were all in a mess. All of them had bruises all over them and some even was bleeding at their lips.

The guards in the residence were all seasoned fighters from years of fighting on the battlefield. Linghe could not guarantee that they were the strongest warriors, but their fighting skills were definitely beyond the ordinary man. But the ten or more guards in the hall were actually being injured by a man that Su Lingsheng had brought with her!

“What exactly do you want?” Linghe’s face was extremely livid. With a swoosh, he drew out the sword on his back and defended before Ji Fengyan.

The man took a glance at Linghe and raised his brows nonchalantly.

“You do not have the qualifications to talk to us. Let your Master come out instantly.”

Linghe stared at that man and tightened his grip around his sword.

“Chief, this man is very strong…” while tolerating the extreme pain, Zuo Nuo said quickly.

Linghe squinted his eyes.

The man laughed coldly, as if he did not even regard Linghe a comparable opponent.

“Where did this dog come from? It really likes to bite people.” Ji Fengyan’s voice rang from behind Linghe. She took a step forward and handed Zuo Nuo over to Linghe as she walked to the front of the man.

The man frowned slightly as he looked at Ji Fengyan walking towards him. His arrogant glance scanned Ji Fengyan’s skinny and small body.

“You are Ji Fengyan?” the man asked.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly and openly took a big step to sit at the main seat in the hall. With her legs poised, she lifted her chin to look at the complacent man.

“Find me someone who can speak the human language. I really cannot understand a dog’s bark!”

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