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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 130: Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (3)

Chapter 130: Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (3)

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“Ha,” Ji Fengyan gave out a cold laughter.

What a fine “treat it as nothing had happened”!

Did they think she was a fool?

“You want the Everlasting Love Flower?” Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes, “Dream on.”

Lei Min said without changing his tone, “Ji Fengyan, the eldest princess demands the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower. This Master Lei is the personal bodyguard of the eldest princess. Let me tell you honestly, not just the men under you, even if you scoured the entire Ji City, you would not be able to find anyone who would fight against Master Zhan. If you do not hand over the other stalk of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower today, then don’t blame us for being hard on you.”

“Lei Min, do you still have any shame?! Previously, our Miss had already given you guys one stalk of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower, yet you are still not satisfied and had come to bother her again. How could there be such shameless people like you guys alive!” Zuo Nuo practically could not continue listening to them. Without caring about the pain coming from his body, he pressed against his chest and rippled forward to say.

Zuo Nuo’s words made Zhan Fei, who was standing at the side, frown. At the same time, it also made Su Lingsheng’s heart skip a beat nervously.

Before Zuo Nuo had finished, Su Lingsheng interjected, “what do you mean by Ji Fengyan gave us a stalk? That Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower was originally an item that we are exchanging with the group of businessmen. You guys obviously took advantage of your numbers to forcefully snatch that stalk over. Up till now, you are still trying to invert right and wrong, who exactly is the more shameless one here?”

After Su Lingsheng finished saying this, she immediately glanced at Zhan Fei to see his reaction. Seeing that Zhan Fei did not have any unusual reaction, she then heaved a sigh of relief.

In fact…

That day, when they brought that stalk of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower to the eldest princess, they did not mention how that flower had come along. They only said that they had agreed with the group of businessmen that they could directly take away the flower. However, they met with Ji Fengyan along the way and because Ji Fengyan had a personal grudge with Su Lingsheng, and she made use of the fact that her guards were stronger and her identity as Ji City’s City Lord, she had forcefully snatched a stalk from them. This resulted in them only bringing back only one stalk of the twin everlasting feelings flower.

Even though the eldest princess was displeased with this, she did not mind and only instructed her subordinates to use the Everlasting Love Flower to refine into medicine.

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min had thought that they would be able to deceive their way through, but unfortunately… after the Everlasting Love Flower was brought back and used for concocting medicine, it did not have the effect that it was supposed to have. The pharmacist said that the medicinal effect of that Everlasting Love Flower had been halved and could not meet the requirements for making medicine.

The pharmacist explained that because the Everlasting Love Flower was originally a pair, after being separated, a large portion of its property could be left in the other stalk which was why it did not meet the expected effects it was supposed to have.

The eldest princess was instantly very unhappy and ordered Su Lingsheng and Lei Min to get the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower from Ji Fengyan. At the same time, under the persuasion by Su Lingsheng and Lei Min, she sent her personal bodyguard Zhan Fei with them.

Even though Su Lingsheng and Lei Min was feeling guilty, after knowing that Zhan Fei would go with them, besides feeling anxious, they also felt pleased. They were just waiting to visit Ji Fengyan and returned her with all the humiliation that they had experienced from her!

How could Su Lingsheng let Zhan Fei know the truth, and how could she let Ji Fengyan off?

Everyone watched with their own eyes as Su Lingsheng inverted truth with lies and were all frustrated. On that day when Ji Fengyan brought back that Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower, Zuo Nuo had already told the other guards about how shameless Su Lingsheng and Lei Min had been, so now they were all very clear about the matter of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower.

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