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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 152: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (1)

Chapter 152: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (1)

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“I am not sure but if you have something that he had used before, I may be able to help…” The little child said hesitantly and added on. “But you have to give me two drops of your blood.”

Ji Fengyan looked at the little glutton who was trying to bargain with her with a serious look on his face and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

With such a simple mind, this little child would have already been taken full advantage of by other people.

She finally understood why such a strong blood clan would face extinction.

It was inevitable given such a gluttonous attribute and worrying intelligence.

“So long as you can find him, not only two drops, even twice the amount would be no problem,” Ji Fengyan said graciously.

The little child’s eyes sparkled brightly and he had a look of thirst.

Ji Fengyan brought the child to the room that Liu Huo had stayed in previously. When she first brought Liu Huo back, besides a torn and tattered outfit, he had nothing else on him. Everything else he had afterwards had been all provided by Ji Fengyan. Probably because he had left in a rush, he had not brought anything else with him.

The entire room was so clean that there was not even a speck of dust. Even though Ji Fengyan did not instruct them, Linghe and his men would clean the room every day while doing their housekeeping chores.

“This was where he had stayed in. You can have a look,” Ji Fengyan said.

With his short feet, the little child stood at the entrance and lifted his head to take a deep breath.

There was no unusual smell from the room. He then climbed to the bed and sniffed around. The sight of him sniffing around the place had almost made Ji Fengyan burst out in laughter.

After dawdling in the room for a long time, the child’s face darkened.

“I did not smell any scent of someone from my clan,” the child stood grumpily in front of Ji Fengyan and said.

Ji Fengyan thought quickly and thought of how Linghe and his men had cleaned the room every day after Liu Huo had left. Now, even Ji Fengyan was feeling depressed.

If she had known that she would pick this child back, she would not have allowed Linghe to clean the room.

In the end, all scent of Liu Huo had disappeared.

Ji Fengyan felt really down. The little child slowly climbed down from the bed and slowly walked to Ji Fengyan’s side and tugged at her clothes.

“Without his items, I cannot find him… I can only use scent to find someone from my clan,” the little child had a grieved look. It was uncertain whether it was because he could not find someone from his clan or because without completing Ji Fengyan’s task, he would not be able to drink the tasty blood.

“If he was in the same city as you, will you be able to smell him?” Ji Fengyan asked.

The child thought for awhile and said with uncertainty, “If the distance is not too far, it should be no problem.”

Immediately, Ji Fengyan had an idea. After discussing with the child, she decided to keep him around and let Yang Jian bring him around Ji City every day to see if he could find any trace of Liu Huo.

At the same time, Linghe had prepared a gift. The next day, with the gift, Ji Fengyan left with Linghe to the residence that the nation’s grand tutor was temporarily staying in.

Xing Lou had already been staying in Ji City for at least a month but because he had been keeping such a low profile, even the previous city lord Lei Xu had not had the chance to butter up to him.

Likely because he enjoyed tranquility, the place that Xing Lou was staying in was quite a distance from Ji City, and there was hardly anyone passing through.

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