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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 153: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (2)

Chapter 153: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (2)

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It had been a mystery why the nation’s grand tutor would choose to stay at such a remote place like Ji City.

Fortunately, because of his reputation for disliking people who disrupt his peace, no one dared to bother him.

In the simple yet elegant yard, Xing Lou stood under a tree, with the warm sunlight landing on his shoulders and a dark guard stood at the side with a pot of tea.

“Has Gong Zhiyu left?” suddenly, Xing Lou asked.

“Yes, he had left Ji City early yesterday morning,” the dark guard replied.

Xing Lou nodded, feeling satisfied.

“Grand tutor, the eldest princess had sent someone and requested to meet you, what do you think…” the dark guard hesitated as he spoke.

Xing Lou shot a fleeting gaze at the dark guard.

“I won’t meet anyone who comes to visit.”

The dark guard did not say anything else. Even though the grand tutor had claimed to be resting and rejected all the eldest princess’s request to meet, unbeknown to the other people, Xing Lou was not at the residence during this period. It was only until recently that Xing Lou had suddenly returned to the residence, and he did not share anything that had happened and only instructed his trusted dark guard to observe the newly appointed Ji City’s City Lord Ji Fengyan.

Due to his close monitoring of Ji Fengyan, Xing Lou was then able to know immediately that Zhan Fei and his men had caused a ruckus and rush over quickly.

The dark guard had been serving alongside Xing Lou for a long time and knew that the grand tutor was very cold and never cared about the honor of other people. He had even declined the princess and stopped her from visiting him, yet he had suddenly taken the initiative to help the little City Lord. This was something really puzzling to the dark guard.

A guard brisk walked and knelt in front of Xing Lou, “reporting to the grand tutor, Ji City’s City Lord Ji Fengyan had come with a request to meet you.”

The dark guard immediately responded, “The grand tutor had instructed that no matter who…”

“Let her in,” Xing Lou suddenly spoke, making the dark guard completely stunned.

The dark guard turned around, feeling confused, and was surprised to see that the grand tutor who was usually very cold, had a slightly urgent look. It was so subtle that it was almost a hallucination.

Why would the grand tutor care so much about that little City Lord?

He had just said that he would not meet anyone the second before, yet why had he suddenly changed his principles after hearing Ji Fengyan’s name?

Did His Majesty know that the grand tutor was this easy going?

With Xing Lou’s instructions, the guard left very quickly.

Xing Lou’s expression returned to his normal cold look. He looked at the dark guard, who seemed lost, and said, “Take good care of Miss Ji. I am going to change my clothes first.”

After he said that, he turned and left with his steps picking up speed subconsciously.

The dark guard looked dumbfounded at Xing Lou’s back view as he left and had a perplexed look.

The outfit on the grand tutor was just changed this morning. Why was he changing again now?

However, without any choice, despite having many questions in his head, the dark guard did not dare to say anything and only walked to the front courtyard.

Ji Fengyan came with Linghe, along with many other gifts, to visit. The two of them were already standing in the front courtyard. When the guards on the residence saw them, they all had a serious look and acted as if they were not there.

“I did not expect that the grand tutor would be this easy going and allowed us in this easily,” Linghe carried a pile of boxes in his arms as he scanned the room and whispered discreetly to Ji Fengyan.

He had heard that ever since the grand tutor had arrived at Ji City, he had always closed his doors to visitors and even the eldest princess was rejected many times. Who knew that they would be able to enter just like this!

“Both of you please take a seat,” the dark guard walked into the front courtyard and said expressionlessly.

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