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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 157: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (6)

Chapter 157: Meeting the Nation’s Grand Tutor (6)

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Xing Lou seemed to be on the verge of saying something, but ended up just giving a nod.

Ji Fengyan got up and Linghe innocuously gathered up all the gifts they brought.

Bidding farewell to Xing Lou, Ji Fengyan and Linghe exited the hall. Ji Fengyan failed to notice Xing Lou’s gaze following her all the way until she stepped out of the door.

“Grand tutor…” Looking at Xing Lou’s odd expression, Xuan Wei felt that grand tutor always behaved somewhat strangely whenever he meets with this little City Lord.

Xing Lou reclaimed his senses and carefully collected the pill bottles, casually gathering up even the bottle that Ji Fengyan had presented to Xuan Wei.

“…” Xuan Wei started a bit but pretended as if he didn’t notice anything.

As Ji Fengyan and Linghe exited the doorway, they saw Su Lingsheng conferring with one of the guards within the grand tutor’s residence. In addition, there was a luxurious-looking horse carriage parked outside the door.

Su Lingsheng was trying very hard to persuade the guard to let them enter. She lifts her head at the sound of the door opening, thinking that the grand tutor had finally changed his mind. However, she was greeted by the sight of Ji Fengyan striding out of the grand tutor’s residence!

Su Lingsheng’s face immediately clouded over.

“Ji Fengyan, what are you doing here?”

Ji Fengyan passed a sweeping glance at Su Lingsheng. With no intention of wasting words on her, Ji Fengyan walked right by with Linghe in tow.

However, Su Lingsheng spied the gifts carried by Linghe and sneered at Ji Fengyan’s departing profile. “I was still wondering what could you possibly be doing here—when you are just here to lick grand tutor’s boots. But what a pity, some people just lack any sense of self-awareness. They think that they can own the sky after just a one-time grace by the grand tutor. Are you so ignorant of your own status that you believed grand tutor would be interested in anything you have? Here you are, being chased out in the end.”

Several times, Su Lingsheng sharp and strident voice made Linghe want to turn back around for an argument. But she was eventually tempered down by Ji Fengyan.

“Miss, are you going to let her insult you like this?” Linghe asked the good-natured Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan laughed lightly. “She’s just a defeated dog. She dares to taunt me like this only because there is someone here to back her up.”

As she said this, Ji Fengyan’s gaze swept toward the nearby horse carriage.

Sudden realization dawned on Linghe, as she evidently recognized the person sitting inside the carriage.

Su Lingsheng continued her tirade for a while but failed to incite any angry response from Ji Fengyan. Instead, her own face had turned red from her outburst.

“Lingsheng.” A faint voice drifted over from the carriage.

Shaken, Su Lingsheng dashed over.

“Eldest princess.”

“Was that Ji Fengyan?” An elegant voice sounded from the carriage.

“Yes.” Su Lingsheng lowered her eyes.

“She was coming out from grand tutor’s residence?” The voice had hardened a notch.

Su Lingsheng said scornfully, “Looks like it, but… I think that she was most likely driven out by the grand tutor. Looking at what her servant had in her arms, I just know that grand tutor wouldn’t have taken her seriously. Coming here all dressed up and bearing gifts, she was still inevitably chased out in the end.”

A moment of silence ensued, after which the words were spoken with deliberation.

“Even though Lei Min already made his move, the Lei family and Ji family are going on a tad too slow. Pass my word onto them. Lei Xu has served me for many years, and his tragic death will not be in vain. Have them settle things as soon as possible. ”

Although grand tutor held firm in his refusal to meet with the eldest princess—today brought forth her encounter with Ji Fengyan leaving the grand tutor’s residence…

Su Lingsheng’s heart surged with glee.

“Yes, I will handle this when we return!”

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