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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 162: A visit from the Ji Family (3)

Chapter 162: A visit from the Ji Family (3)

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Ji Qingshang stared blankly at the self-satisfied Ji Fengyan. She simply could not reconcile the young lady in front of her with her memory of the sorry figure that was forever hiding in corners. However, she quickly regained her composure.

“Of course I recognize you, how could I not? I just did not think that you could manage to create so much trouble even after fleeing to this desolate area. I truly did not think that you were such a malcontent.” Ji Qingshang sneered.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders slightly and ignored Ji Qingshang’s taunts.

The present head of the Ji family was called Ji Ru. He was already past 50 years old and had three sons and two daughters. Ji Fengyan’s father, Ji Yun, was his third son and the fifth in the family. The posturing Ji Qingshang was the daughter of Ji Ru’s youngest daughter. She had lived in the Ji household since she was young and her father held a high position in the capital, all the members of the Ji family favored her.

If Ji Fengyan was previously the punching bag of the entire Ji family, then Ji Qingshang was their treasured young lady.

They were as different as clouds and mud.

Ji Qingshang had often bullied the original owner of the body when she was with the Ji family.

“Since you are a guest, please sit down and continue,” said Ji Fengyan good naturedly. Her frank and dignified manner was in stark contrast with Ji Qingshang’s demeanor.

Ji Qingshang snorted contemptuously and her beautiful eyes regarded Ji Fengyan with disdain. “Save your hypocrisy. Ji Fengyan, surely you don’t think that just because you have the title of Lord of Ji City, you have really become someone superior?”

“If Oldest Uncle had not pitied you and fed you, you would not have lived to see this day, you unwanted girl…”

While Ji Qingshang was still speaking, Ji Fengyan heavily dropped the teacup she was holding.

The crash interrupted Ji Qingshang’s unfinished speech.

Ji Qingshang was slightly taken aback. When she looked up at Ji Fengyan, she realized that Ji Fengyan was looking intently at her with bright eyes.

Ji Mubai, who had been silent until now, finally spoke, “Sit down, Qingshang.”

Ji Qingshang recovered her wits. She bit her lip and glared at Ji Fengyan before unwillingly sitting next to Ji Mubai.

Ji Fengyan pretended that nothing had happened and dropped her gaze. She picked up her teacup and sipped daintily while glancing at the handsome youth from the corner of her eye.

Ji Mubai was the most talented of the Ji children. Although only 18, he was already an accomplished Venerable One. He was also the son of Ji Ru’s oldest son and the Ji family members doted on him. The original owner of the body had few memories of Ji Mubai. The Ji family regarded this youth as a genius and he had no dealings with the beleaguered original owner of the body. Hence, she had only met Ji Mubai once by coincidence.

However, that one time was sufficient to make the original owner of the body view this apparently gentle and elegant gentleman as a demon.

Ji Fengyan quietly sipped her tea and waited for Ji Mubai to speak.

As Ji Mubai placated the agitated Ji Qingshang, his gaze slowly drifted over to Ji Fengyan. Ji Mubai had been studying Ji Fengyan since she first appeared. He could not deny that he was somewhat surprised initially, as the present Ji Fengyan bore no resemblance to the timid and cowardly good-for-nothing girl of the past.


A gentle smile appeared on Ji Mubai’s lips as he looked at Ji Fengyan. “How are you, Fengyan? I have not seen you for a long time.”

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