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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: Wicked Intentions (1)

Chapter 163: Wicked Intentions (1)

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Ji Fengyan looked at the smiling Ji Mubai and casually placed the cup to the side. “As you can see, I control the entire Ji City and am getting on quite comfortably.”

Ji Mubai was momentarily stunned by Ji Fengyan’s words. Meanwhile, Ji Qingshang, who had just managed to calm down, resumed her angry scowl.

Ji Qingshang opened her mouth to speak but was held back by Ji Mubai. Still smiling, he said, “That’s good to hear. I didn’t get to bid you farewell when you left the Ji family as I was still in school. Father and grandfather have been constantly worried about you being too young to adapt to unfamiliar places. Now it seems that our concerns were unnecessary.”

Propping her head, Ji Fengyan looked on at Ji Mubai.

Ji Mubai continued. “I come in peace this time and am not representing either side. I came only for one thing.”

“What is it?” asked Ji Fengyan.

Ji Mubai sighed softly, the smile on his face fading slightly. “Little uncle died in battle with the demon clan. At that time, you had left in a hurry and the troops had yet to return little uncle’s body. Now, he has already been cremated and the ashes returned to the Ji Family. Although you have not seen little uncle for years, you are still his flesh and blood—hence, father and grandfather decided to let you see him before his final burial. Sending him off will be a sign of your respect and filial piety.”

Ji Fengyan listened to Ji Mubai’s words in silence and slowly nodded. “I understand. You want me to return to the capital with you? To send my father off in burial?”

“That’s right.” Ji Mubai said with a light chuckle.

“I just took over Ji City recently. If I were to leave His Majesty now to go there…” Ji Fengyan considered with hesitation.

Ji Mubai immediately said, “You can rest assured that father has already notified His Majesty of this matter. His Majesty has given his permission and specially ordered us to come pick you up.” After a short pause, he continued. “Fengyan, although you and little uncle didn’t spend much time together, I believe he missed you the most when he was on the battlefield. It would be his wish for you to send him off.”

Ji Fengyan did not respond immediately, but Ji Mubai was in no hurry.

After a while, the corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips twitched with traces of a smile. “All right, I appreciate your efforts. However, I still have some unfinished business on hand and will not be able to leave today. Kindly stay at my humble abode for the night, and I will follow you back to the capital first thing tomorrow morning.”

With Ji Fengyan’s ready promise, Ji Mubai naturally offered no objections and continued to exchange some niceties with Ji Fengyan. Thereafter, Ji Fengyan had her guards arrange for Ji Mubai’s accommodations.

After waiting for the members of the Ji family to leave, Zuo Nuo could no longer hold back her tongue.

“Miss, the Ji family must be harboring some ill-will towards you! Don’t fall for their trap!” Zuo Nuo blurted out. Could any of the words spoken by Ji Qingshang be taken at face value?

They are well aware of how Miss used to be treated when she was still staying with the Ji family.

No way would the Ji family be so kind as to specially send someone to fetch Ji Fengyan—all that just so she can pay her respects?

Ji Fengyan crossed her legs and propped her head on one hand, looking at the uneasy expressions of the guards gathered in the hall. They were all present when Ji Qingshang displayed her insolence, and all obviously shared Zuo Nuo’s sentiments.

“Do you think that they are tricking me into returning to the capital?” asked Ji Fengyan.

Zuo Nuo and the others immediately nodded.

“The Ji family are a bunch of ruthless devils. Who knows what they are plotting? I only fear they are eyeing your World-Termination-Armour.”

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