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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 164: Wicked Intentions (2)

Chapter 164: Wicked Intentions (2)

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Ji Fengyan wordlessly laughed on while the others looked at her with nervous expressions.

She had previously promised the Ji family that she would let go of the World-Termination-Armour after she took over Ji City. But… it was interesting that Ji Mubai had yet to utter a single word on that subject.

“Never mind, don’t worry about it. Pack things up and return to the capital with me tomorrow morning.” Ji Fengyan suddenly stood up with a wave of her hand and left with Yang Jian in tow.

The group of guards were left speechless, completely clueless about what Ji Fengyan was thinking.

“Could it be that Miss still holds a soft spot for the Ji family?” A guard muttered to himself.

Linghe wrinkled her brow but had no words to offer.

Ji Fengyan still holds a soft spot for the Ji family?

You have got to be kidding me.

After Ji Fengyan left the hall with Yang Jian, her eyes burned with an uncontrollable blaze. She turned her head toward the expressionless Yang Jian and laughed wickedly.

“Yang Jian, I really got lucky this time!”

Yang Jian solemnly looked at Ji Fengyan, who seemed to have been overcome by a sudden craze.

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan’s spirits were soaring at that moment.

Earlier, she was still worrying over where to find luxury ornaments. Now, the Ji family had presented themselves right in front of her door—who cares what scheme they have concocted. She is no longer that easily bullied country bumpkin. They think that they can plot against her—let’s see if they had that ability.

Thinking of all the lavish ornaments in the capital, excitement flowed through every cell in Ji Fengyan’s body.

Ji family, right?

Just wait and see, I will make them cough up every single thing that they owe me!

Meanwhile, having been led to their lodgings, Ji Qingshang looked in dismay at the plain room. Pressing a handkerchief to her nose, she looked toward Ji Mubai with a furrowed brow.

After Ji Fengyan’s guard left, Ji Qingshang could no longer hold back. “Brother Mubai, why were you so nice to that good-for-nothing? Why not just follow elder uncle’s instructions and bring her straight back? I don’t see the need to waste our breath on her.”

Ji Mubai shook his head mildly. “Did you not see that group of guards by her side?”

“So what? They can’t possibly be more skilled than our own guards. Even if Ji Fengyan refuses to return, we can easily bring her back by force. Brother Mubai, you are just too good-natured, showing such kindness toward this ungrateful wretch. Everyone knows that she would have long been dead if grandfather had not shown her compassion. After Ji Yun ran away from home and never returned, no one would have cared for her if not for grandfather’s benevolence.” Ji Qingshang anger rose even as she ranted, all the while fuming over Ji Fengyan’s attitude now that she controlled Ji City.

“She really thinks she’s something now! The World-Termination-Armour shouldn’t have gone to her in the first place! She herself admitted that—has she forgotten? Utterly shameless! Brother Mubai, you shouldn’t have shown her such courtesy.”

Ji Mubai gave a slight laugh and patted Ji Qingshang on the shoulder. “Never mind that. As long as things go smoothly. We just need to ensure her return to the capital—there is no need for us to worry about anything else.”

Ji Qingshang nodded reluctantly and a look of disgust flashed across her eyes. “Let’s see how long will her smugness last. Just wait till we reach the capital and return to the Ji family. She’ll find out what we have in store for her. What a joke she is, prancing around recklessly here when she doesn’t realize just how much trouble she is in.”

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