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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 165: Wicked Intentions (3)

Chapter 165: Wicked Intentions (3)

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“Alright, it has been a long trip, Qingshang. You have an early rest.” Ji Mubai smiled.

Ji Qingshang looked over the plain room in disdain, but eventually walked in with her nose pinched.

Ji Mubai turned around and entered his own room. The smile on his face faded away as an intense chill flashed across his eyes.

That night, Ji Fengyan meticulously prepared all that she needed. She also selected two guards who would stay behind to secure Ji City.

The next morning, Ji Mubai and Ji Qingshang were already waiting nice and early outside the house. The four horse carriages sent by the Ji family also parked just by the door.

Ji Fengyan exited the doorway and was greeted by Ji Qingshang’s impatient scowl. Pretending not to notice, Ji Fengyan walked over with traces of a smile on her lips.

“Fengyan, these… are your luggage?” Ji Mubai looked vaguely puzzled at the several large wooden cases that Linghe and the rest were carrying.

“Yes.” Ji Fengyan nodded.

Ji Mubai couldn’t help but look bewildered.

“Ji Fengyan, what could you possibly need to bring along? What things could this poor, backward town have that the capital doesn’t? Putting in so much effort to carry so much stuff—such unworldliness.” Ji Qingshang glanced at the simple wooden cases in contempt. “Oh please, you are an embarrassment to the Ji family. Don’t go bringing just any old thing into the house. Just looking at these makes one feel tainted.”

Ji Mubai gave no reaction to the overbearing Ji Qingshang, but only smiled. “Fengyan, you can see with your own eyes. We only have four horse carriages: one of each for me and Qingshang; one for our guards; and the remaining one for you and your guards. If you have so much luggage to bring along… I’m afraid…”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly as she looked at the shabbiest horse carriage among the Ji family’s fleet. The carriage was not only older but also smaller than the other three. Yet Ji Mubai had said… this was the carriage prepared for her and her company?

How ‘generous’ of the Ji family!

“No need, I have prepared my own horse carriages. All this luggage, I can manage myself.” Ji Fengyan smiled sarcastically.

At Ji Fengyan words, Zuo Nuo and several guards came over leading five horse carriages. Although not as splendid as the first three carriages belonging to the Ji family, they were nonetheless much better than the one they had prepared for Ji Fengyan.

Glaring at Ji Fengyan, Ji Qingshang gave a snort and boarded her own carriage.

Ji Mubai just laughed. “All’s good then.”

Moving quickly, Linghe and the rest loaded the wooden cases onto the horse carriages and prepared to board themselves.


Just after Ji Fengyan boarded her carriage, Ji Mubai noticed a large man wearing a full body suit of scaled armor and carrying a rear basket. The man boarded Ji Fengyan’s carriage with a small white deer in his arms.

“Brother Mubai, what are you looking at?” Ji Qingshang popped her head out from her carriage in a query.

“Ji Fengyan has brought along a small beast in her carriage,” said Ji Mubai.

Ji Qingshang licked the corners of her mouth wickedly. “Brother Mubai, have you forgotten? Ji Fengyan had chosen a very ‘special’ mount, and that was probably what you saw.

Ji Mubai frowned.

Ji Qingshang said, “Don’t worry, Brother Mubai. Ji Fengyan chose that mount. After you get a hold of the World-Termination-Armour, His Majesty will definitely let you select a brand new mount.”

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