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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 166: The Ji Home (1)

Chapter 166: The Ji Home (1)

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The meandering line of carriages slowly progressed through the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, from the far-flung Ji City to the center of power and wealth—the capital.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s capital was large and prosperous. The most powerful people in the kingdom congregated there, and immense fortunes accumulated there. Many strove to set foot in this land of gold, little knowing the secrets hidden beneath its glamor.

The carriages were on the road for more than half a month before they finally arrived at the front door of the Ji home.

Ji Fengyan looked out of the carriage window. The imposing house standing before her was just like the one in the original owner’s memory.

Ji Mubai and Ji Qingshang got down from the carriage. The front door opened immediately and a middle-aged man leading several guards came out of the house towards them. He bowed respectfully to Ji Mubai and Ji Qingshang. Ji Mubai nodded slightly and Ji Qingshang said something to him while pointing to Ji Fengyan who had just stepped off her carriage.

The middle-aged man nodded slightly to Ji Mubai and Ji Qingshang, then immediately stopped smiling. He dourly led the guards towards Ji Fengyan and the others.

Frowning, Ling He glanced at the middle-aged man. This man was Ji Li, the Ji family steward. Ji Ru trusted him implicitly and he took care of the various family matters, including the food, clothing and housing of the young ladies and gentlemen like Ji Fengyan and Ji Qingshang. When the Ji family had previously mistreated Ji Fengyan, Ji Li had certainly played a part.

Ling He absolutely did not want Ji Fengyan to interact with a person like Ji Li. Leading Zuo Nuo and the others, he escorted Ji Fengyan towards the Ji house.

Ji Li suddenly extended his hand, blocking the way.

“Not so fast.”

Ling He frowned. “What’s the matter? You invited our mistress to return. Are you going to refuse her entry?”

Ji Li dismissively glanced at Ji Fengyan who was sheltering behind Ling He, then looked at Zuo Nuo and the others and said, “Of course, Ninth Mistress can enter, but not the rest of you.”

“What do you mean?” said Ling He.

Unimpressed, Ji Li lowered his hands and clasped them in front of his belly. Puffing out his chest slightly, he said, “I’m sorry. Although you were Fifth Master Ji Yun’s personal bodyguards, this is not an army. This is the Ji household! Fifth Master has already passed away. Even if Fifth Master entrusted you with the welfare of Ninth Mistress, you are not part of the Ji family and we cannot allow just anyone to enter.”

Ling He glared at Ji Li.

Ji Li continued expressionlessly. “Seeing that you were formerly Fifth Master’s personal bodyguards, the Ji family will not make things difficult for you. We have already arranged a place for you to stay at the barracks. Since Ninth Mistress has now returned safely, you can set your minds at ease. Please move to the barracks.”

Ji Li spoke seriously, but Ling He and the others were inflamed by his words. The Ji home housed countless guards that were not part of the Ji tribe. By refusing to allow Ling He and the others into the house, the Ji family was clearly making things difficult for them.

Just as Ling He was preparing to set things straight with Ji Li, Ji Fengyan suddenly patted Ling He’s shoulder from behind.

When Ling He turned his head, Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “Brother Ling, go ahead and rest at the barracks. I will be fine returning alone.”

“But Miss, what if they seize the opportunity to bully you while we are absent…” Ling He was very wary of the Ji family.

Ji Li interrupted. “Ninth Mistress is a young lady of the Ji family. Why would anyone in the Ji family bully her? You must be joking.”

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