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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 167: The Ji Home (2)

Chapter 167: The Ji Home (2)

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Ling He almost spat in Ji Li’s face.

No one would bully Ji Fengyan? What a bare-faced liar!

“Let me remind everyone, you may have left the army, but you were once Fifth Master’s soldiers. Perhaps… you are thinking of breaking the Ji family rules, so Fifth Master’s spirit cannot rest in peace?” Ji Li narrowed his eyes and falsely accused Ling He and the others point-blank.

Regardless of the resentment they felt, Ling He and the others were immediately forced to keep their mouths shut.

If they really began to argue with Ji Li, they would only discredit Ji Yun.

Ji Fengyan looked at Ling He who was refusing to give in to Ji Li and smilingly said, “Brother Ling, I will be fine. Don’t you believe me?”

Ling He was slightly taken aback and felt unsure of himself. However, they had no choice but to tolerate Ji Li’s distorted accusations.

“In that case Miss, Please… be careful.” Ling He could not refrain from exhorting her.

Ji Fengyan nodded and replied, “Fine, you can bring Yang Jian and Xiao Tian Quan to see the sights of the capital.”

Ling He grimaced slightly. He could not believe that Miss was in the mood to joke under these circumstances.

Bring the wooden Yang Jian and the ever-ravenous Night Demon Wolf to stroll around the capital?

They would probably frighten people to death.

Ling He swallowed his comments and spoke a few words to Ji Fengyan before leaving with Zuo Nuo and the others. He took her hints and brought their horse carriages along, leaving only little Bai Ze with Ji Fengyan. Before they left, they warned Ji Li not to make things difficult for Ji Fengyan in any way, or they would act with no regard for the Ji family.

Ji Li did not respond at all to the warnings of Ling He and the others.

When Ling He, his men, and the carriages had vanished out of sight, Ji Li finally turned his gaze to Ji Fengyan. His expression held no trace of respect, only disdain, as one would look at a rubbish heap.

“Ji Fengyan, you may enter the house now.” Ji Li spoke coldly. When he took in Ji Fengyan’s plain clothing, he could not help but frown. “After you have entered the house, remember to have a good wash and change your clothes. Bring nothing dirty into the Ji house.”

Once he had finished speaking, he turned and left with the guards without waiting for Ji Fengyan to respond. He had no intention of taking care of Ji Fengyan.

“Oh… so pitiful…” Ji Qingshang had already reached the steps leading to the front door. As she saw Ji Fengyan standing alone outside the door, she delighted in Ji Fengyan’s misfortune. A faint smile of loathing passed over her beautiful countenance.

Ji Fengyan ignored Ji Qingshang’s mocking and simply bent down to pat little Bai Ze who was uneasy.

Satisfied with the sight of Ji Fengyan being put in her place, Ji Qingshang contentedly entered the house with Ji Mubai.

Ji Li ordered an ordinary drudge to bring Ji Fengyan into the house. Besides that, no one took any notice of Ji Fengyan’s arrival.

The Ji family mansion was very large, several times bigger than Lei Xu’s city lord’s residence in Ji City. The interior of the mansion was beautifully landscaped and there were rare and interesting objects everywhere. However, the drudge quickly guided Ji Fengyan past these luxurious scenes and gradually brought her towards an isolated, damp compound in the depths of the residence. When he had brought her there, the drudge left without a word, showing no concern for Ji Fengyan and how she would settle in.

With Bai Ze in tow, Ji Fengyan eyed the weeds growing in the damp, dark, and broken down compound. Inwardly, she wanted to laugh.

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