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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 169: Teaching Bad Dogs a Lesson (1)

Chapter 169: Teaching Bad Dogs a Lesson (1)

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“My my, now that Ji Fengyan has become a City Lord, should we—little peasants—bow down to her?” A youth made an exaggerated show of panic, accompanied by a sarcastic smile that revealed his true nature.

A few youths quickly gathered around Ji Fengyan. They regarded her with scornful looks, their eyes full of malice.

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at these youths, all of whom were outsiders practicing their cultivation at the Ji family residence. They were the very same youths who had started out at the martial arts arena with her. However, as she lacked the aptitude, she had stayed on for just over a year, and even then only turning up sporadically.

And each time she showed up only to be bullied by these so-called Senior Brothers and Sisters.

“You still haven’t given up even after so many years? I say, City Lord, why couldn’t you just stay put in your Ji City? Why did you have to come running back to the Ji family? Still hoping to enter the martial arts arena? I advise you to just forget it and stop wasting tutor’s time.” A young girl muttered while eyeing Ji Fengyan derisively.

“Look at Senior Brother Ji Mubai—how could such a talented person have such an incompetent little sister? It’s incomprehensible.” Another young girl glared at Ji Fengyan in contempt, her piercing gaze appraising Ji Fengyan from top to bottom.

Who would have thought that these bunch of outsiders—all so desperately fighting to become part of the Ji family—would openly bully Ji Fengyan, a legitimate member of the Ji family?

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan understood the situation very clearly. After all, this is not the first time that she had encountered something like this.

In fact, the main reason the original Ji Fengyan never dared to frequent the martial arts arena was because of these people.

“You guys have a problem? If not, get lost. I want to meet tutor.” Ji Fengyan simply had no interest in wrangling with these silly kids. From what she could surmise, her previous status at the Ji family was so wretched that even these people dared to bully her. Just how weak was her disposition?

“Oh? You sure have changed since becoming a City Lord. Even your manner of speaking has become so harsh.”

Not only did those youths not step back after Ji Fengyan’s warning, they boldly placed themselves in front of the gates of the martial arts arena, blocking her way in.

“She holds absolutely no regard for us now that she’s the City Lord.”

“Is she even fit to be a City Lord? She was just lucky to have the World-Termination-Armour fall into her hands after the death of her father. Say, Ji Fengyan, you’re real glad aren’t you? That your father died…”

The noisy youth didn’t manage to finish his sentence.

His entire person suddenly flew out of everyone’s sight!

The laughing youths were all stunned. They stared dumbfounded at Ji Fengyan, who had just sent that young boy flying with a single blow.

“Ji Fengyan! What did you do?” The youths regained their senses and immediately surrounded her. Never did they expect that Ji Fengyan, who used to be bullied and oppressed by them, would dare to fight back!

This was simply impossible!

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and looked at the youth moaning on the ground. Casually withdrawing her hand, she gave a brilliant smile and swept an amused look across the shocked crowd.

“When the dogs belonging to the Ji family misbe

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