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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 170: Teaching Bad Dogs a Lesson (2)

Chapter 170: Teaching Bad Dogs a Lesson (2)

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The group of youths stared in shock at the smiling Ji Fengyan, hit by a sudden realization that this young girl standing in front of them was no longer the same cowering Ji Fengyan who once served as their punching bag.

Ji Fengyan’s grin widened as she continued smiling at the stunned bunch.

Regaining their senses, the youths glared at Ji Fengyan.

They considered the young boy—who had been defeated with one punch by Ji Fengyan—as one of the most outstanding within their group. He was just singled out by Ji Mubai last month as potentially worthy to take on the “Ji” surname. But now it seemed that the feeble-looking Ji Fengyan could send him flying with a single blow?

How could that be?

“Did you just call us dogs?!” The young girl who was mocking Ji Fengyan had gone pale with rage and pointed an angry finger at Ji Fengyan’s nose.

Ji Fengyan regarded the youths with an amused gaze, every single event from her past surfacing in her mind. She slowly raised her hand. Transparent, glowing rays—undetectable in the sunlight—were nonetheless shooting stealthily toward those insolent youths.

“I may have just returned, but… as a member of the Ji family, I am willing to fulfill my duties.”

At Ji Fengyan’s words, the hairs on the back of their necks stood straight up. Before they could make any sense of the situation, a bitter chill descended upon those youths!

Despite it being the hot, high noon of the day, it felt like they had all been thrown into icy waters. Every inch of flesh turned so cold that their teeth chattered. Their legs seemed frozen to the ground, becoming so heavy that they were unable to move a step.

No one knew what was happening, but this strange scene continued to play out.

A few of the young girls, who were so arrogant earlier, were the first to succumb to the stinging frost. With shivering legs, they fell to their knees with a cry, hitting the uneven cobblestone ground. Tears of pain sprung in their eyes, as they subconsciously placed their hands on the floor to keep themselves upright.

The remaining youths were not much better off. Unable to withstand any longer, they all collapsed on their knees in unison.

The sound of knees hitting the floor one by one, resounded clearly outside the martial arts arena.

In an instant, those youths—all so haughty just a moment ago—were uniformly kneeling before Ji Fengyan with their shaking hands pressed to the ground. From afar, it looked as if they were prostrating themselves in front of Ji Fengyan.

“Well now, this is how you should be behaving.” Ji Fengyan beamed at the kneeling bunch, a radiant smile on her face, as if all this was not of her doing.

The first youth struck by Ji Fengyan was still lying on the floor not far away. He had been expecting his fellow brothers and sisters to avenge him and teach Ji Fengyan a good lesson. Whoever would have imagined that his fellow brothers and sisters all seemed to have been possessed by the devil—everyone was actually bowing in respect to Ji Fengyan!

His eyeballs nearly popped out at the sight!

What was happening?

The youth raised his eyes in fear and gazed at Ji Fengyan’s sunlit profile, the gilded rays behind her appearing to form a golden halo. That smiling face of hers incited an unprecedented sense of terror in the youth.

“What are you doing here? Why are you all not practicing your cultivation?” A deep, dignified voice sounded from the gates of the martial arts arena.

Ji Fengyan snapped around and was met with a pair of profound, world-weary eyes!

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