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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 171: Teaching Bad Dogs a Lesson (3)

Chapter 171: Teaching Bad Dogs a Lesson (3)

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The gates of the martial arts arena had opened without anyone noticing, and an elderly man wearing long robes stood there glowering.

The old man looked about 60-70 years old, his snow-white beard betraying none of the hoariness of old age. Those profound eyes appeared all-knowing, calm and wise. With a frown, he grumpily appraised the youths outside the gate. When his gaze landed upon Ji Fengyan, his face took on a look of mild surprise.

“Ji Fengyan?” The elderly man asked.

Ji Fengyan regarded the old man in front of her, the chilliness that was in her eyes immediately disappearing without a trace.

Ye Yuan—the most experienced and qualified tutor among the many within the Ji family. In fact, the Ji family’s highly exalted Ji Mubai had grown under his tutelage. At the same time, Ye Yuan was also Ji Fengyan’s tutor…

He was also the only person in the entire Ji family kind to Ji Fengyan.

When Ji Fengyan first entered the martial arts arena, she was weak and timid. It was Ye Yuan who patiently taught her the basics bit by bit. No matter how dull-witted she was, he had never scolded her. It was unfortunate that she was ultimately a hopeless case. Ye Yuan spent eight months teaching her in dedication, but she was still unable to defeat even a child who had only entered the martial arts arena a month ago.

Ji Fengyan deeply respected Ye Yuan, but felt she had wasted much of Ye Yuan’s time because of her poor aptitude. She developed a sense of guilt and self-loathing, which coupled with the bullying by her fellow brothers and sisters, caused her to gradually stop attending the martial arts arena.

As Ji Fengyan gazed upon Ye Yuan, her memories of Ye Yuan surfaced in her mind. Actually, Ye Yuan had not been especially kind to Ji Fengyan—it’s just that compared to how she was treated by the others, his attitude was by far the best.

Remembering only Ye Yuan’s kindness, Ji Fengyan had a rather good impression of him.

The corners of her mouth lifted with a sincere smile. She clasped her hands in front of her chest and bowed to Ye Yuan.

“Student Ji Fengyan pays her respects to tutor.”

Ye Yuan looked at Ji Fengyan and gave an involuntary shudder. He had never seen such a brilliant smile from that timid little girl. Seeing it now made him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

“You have returned?” Ye Yuan asked, having recovered his normal faculties.

“Yes,” Ji Fengyan answered obediently.

Ye Yuan nodded slightly, his gaze once again landing upon the students ‘kneeling’ before Ji Fengyan.

“What are they doing?”

Ji Fengyan said without batting an eyelid, “Overwhelmed with happiness upon my return, my senior brothers and sisters gave me this great welcome. I had said this is all too much and I cannot accept it.”

Ji Fengyan’s words astounded Ye Yuan.

Little was it known that those youths kneeling on the ground had long been cursing Ji Fengyan.

Happy my foot!

Who would want to kneel before you!

Nevertheless, the bone-chilling cold lingered on and they could not open their mouths even if they had wanted to. The only sound emitted was that of chattering teeth.

Ye Yuan had overcome his shock, but still didn’t seem to affect much concern. He just took it that these students had seen the error of their ways. After all, Ji Fengyan was still a member of the Ji family. Now that she had also inherited her father’s World-Termination-Armour, her status was no longer the same as before.

However, Ye Yuan frowned slightly when he noticed the fallen youth moaning on the ground not far away.

Moreover, that youth looked as if he had met his savior. Taking no heed of his own pain, he shouted, “Tutor! Ji Fengyan struck me for no rhyme or reason. Tutor must exact justice for me!”

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