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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 172: Tutor Ye Yuan (1)

Chapter 172: Tutor Ye Yuan (1)

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The young man’s cries passed Ji Fengyan’s ears and she didn’t know whether to feel amused or annoyed.

Shucks, she totally forgot that idiot could still speak.

She instinctively raised her eyes to look at Ye Yuan, only to see his brows wrinkling. Nevertheless, she was in no hurry to say anything—she wanted to see if Ye Yuan, whom she used to hold so much respect for, would treat her like how the others in the Ji family did; If he would immediately just pin the blame on Ji Fengyan, that deplorable Ninth Mistress.

In view of Ji Fengyan’s lack of denial and Ye Yuan’s odd expression, the young man whined with renewed effort, listing all sorts of wrongful actions that Ji Fengyan allegedly committed: “We were heading to the martial arts arena for our cultivation and encountered Ji Fengyan at the gate. Although we have not seen her for so long, there remains a bond between us—we started our cultivation together after all. As such, we were concerned for her well-being and asked after her. However, Ji Fengyan… not only did she not appreciate our sentiments, she even attacked us…”

With tears and snot running down his face, the young man took their concerted attack on Ji Fengyan and twisted it around to make it seem like Ji Fengyan was the one bullying them.

The furrow on Ye Yuan’s brows deepened. He turned toward Ji Fengyan and appeared to be waiting for her to explain herself.

However, after waiting for some time, Ji Fengyan remained silent. She continued to smile benignly at Ye Yuan, as if the wicked attacker of the youths could not possibly be her.

Ye Yuan asked solemnly, “Were you the one who attacked him?”

Ji Fengyan nodded with a grin.

Ye Yuan didn’t speak again, but just stepped toward the youth to inspect his injuries. His eyes held a glimmer of confusion.

Thereafter, he stood up, giving no indication of his thoughts. He stood in front of Ji Fengyan with an expressionless face. “You come with me.”

With that, he walked into the martial arts arena.

Ji Fengyan gazed calmly at Ye Yuan’s back. She then turned and glanced at the grimacing young man and the bunch of kneeling hooligans. Following that, she signaled at some shrubbery beside the martial arts arena. A white figure suddenly sprang forward and went clattering toward Ji Fengyan, stopping before her.

Long before those youths came looking for trouble, Ji Fengyan had made Bai Ze hide at the side.

“Ji Fengyan, just you wait. Tutor will not forgive you!” The young man groaned as he sat up, all the while staring at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan passed a sweeping glance at him, not even bothering to respond. With Bai Ze in tow, she entered the martial arts arena.

Meanwhile, outside the martial arts arena.

The bunch of youths continued to kneel, shivering in the wind…

Accompanied by Bai Ze, Ji Fengyan languidly followed Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan had yet to say a word, silently leading Ji Fengyan into a study inside the martial arts arena.

Entering the study, Ye Yuan sat at a desk and indicated Ji Fengyan to shut the doors.

Closing the doors, Ji Fengyan waited for Ye Yuan to express his intentions.


“Why do you have a fawn with you?” Ye Yuan asked, looking at Bai Ze, who was keeping at Ji Fengyan’s side.

Ji Fengyan glanced down at Bai Ze, her eyes full of pride.

“This is my mount, Bai Ze. Bai Ze, pay your respects to tutor, quickly now.” With that, Ji Fengyan patted Bai Ze encouragingly on the head.

With twitching lips, Ye Yuan stared at Ji Fengyan’s eccentric behavior. He suddenly regretted his question.

Ye Yuan cleared his throat. “Ji Fengyan, were you really the one who injured Liu Ang?”

Ye Yuan was referring to that young man from before.

Without hesitation, Ji Fengyan said pleasantly, “Yes, I was the one who injured him.”

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