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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 173: Tutor Ye Yuan (2)

Chapter 173: Tutor Ye Yuan (2)

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Ye Yuan fell into a deep silence with his hands clasped atop the desk and eyes half-shut. Appraising Ji Fengyan, his gaze did not betray his emotions.

After a long time, Ye Yuan finally unclasped his hands and leaned back slightly, resting against the back of his chair.

“Ji Fengyan, to be honest, of all the children I have mentored in the Ji family, you held the most potential. Consequently, I was full of expectations for you when you were first sent to me. However, there were no results even after half a year’s efforts. I don’t mean to raise this, but your Senior Brother Ji Mubai—and even your peers outside—they were all much more outstanding than you. In the end, you could not resist the pressures of the outside world and ran away.”

“A person who lacks both aptitude and determination—no matter how much time and effort is put into nurturing her, will never become an exceptional practitioner. That is why I had not persevered and chose to give up on someone who had likewise lost hope for herself.”

“Whereas Ji Yunqiang was strong and noble, you were cowardly and useless.”

Ji Fengyan kept silent, listening to Ye Yuan’s revelations on how he felt about her all those years ago.

Ye Yuan spoke without mercy, but…

Every word he uttered was the truth.

The Ji Fengyan of the past, wasn’t she indeed a weak and pitiful wretch?

Finishing his speech, Ye Yuan paused for a moment, observing Ji Fengyan for any reaction.

Following that, he spoke again. “I was truly apprehensive when you inherited the World-Termination-Armour. I worried that Ji Yunqiang’s heroic name would be sullied. Having been your tutor, I know the extent of your aptitude. Even wearing the World-Termination-Armour, I’m afraid you will find it a challenge to survive in battle with the Demon Clan.”

Ji Fengyan silently agreed with Ye Yuan. If this was her past self, she wouldn’t have even made it onto the battlefield—but would have already perished at the hands of the devious Ji family members.

Ye Yuan continued to observe Ji Fengyan for any signs of reaction. Ji Fengyan’s expression shocked Ye Yuan.

No anger, no shame, no indignation. Not even a hint of cowering inferiority. Instead, after he finished speaking, she maintained a firm gaze, her lower jaw moving slightly, as though she agreed with everything he said.

Looking at this brand new Ji Fengyan, Ye Yuan suddenly laughed out.

“I’m afraid that I completely misjudged you.”

Ji Fengyan blinked.

Ye Yuan straightened slightly, staring steadily into Ji Fengyan’s eyes. “Ji Fengyan, are you willing to give us a chance? Become my student again and let me guide you in your cultivation?”

Ye Yuan’s words dropped like a heavy stone.

As guarded as Ji Fengyan was with her emotions, she had never imagined that Ye Yuan would say something like that.

“Tutor, you… are not going to punish me for hurting Liu Ang?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Ye Yuan gave a brisk laugh. “You have been bullied by Liu Ang and gang since you were young—I have always known of it. I never interfered to see if it would trigger your potential in the face of adversity. However, to my regret, you chose to run away that year. What you are doing now is exactly what I wish to see!”

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