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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 174: Tutor Ye Yuan (3)

Chapter 174: Tutor Ye Yuan (3)

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As weak as Ji Fengyan was, it was nonetheless the blood of the Ji family that flowed in her veins.

Her father was the troop-leading terminator—such cowardliness should not exist in the innermost depths of her soul.

Moreover, Liu Ang and the others were still outsiders. Notwithstanding the fact that Ji Fengyan was an actual mistress of the Ji family – even those lower members of the Ji member were more skilled that Liu Ang and gang. That was the rule of the family clan.

Liu Ang and the others had repeatedly bullied those weaker than them and should have long been punished for their deeds.

Ye Yuan had not interfered solely because he was waiting for the day that Ji Fengyan broke loose from her torture.

He had thought that this day would never arrive. Never did he expect that after going to Ji City for those short few months, Ji Fengyan returned with an entirely different self!

No longer timid, no longer fearful—those smiling eyes were full of confidence and vitality. This was the Ji Fengyan that Ye Yuan had been hoping for.

Finally, understanding Ye Yuan’s good intentions, Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was just like how it was with her late master—different methods yet yielding the same results.

The only difference was that Ye Yuan’s efforts were wasted on her past self… her old character truly made one beg to differ.

Despite these thoughts, Ji Fengyan remained largely detached. After her reincarnation, she was not too acquainted with this world—its methods of cultivation were even more foreign to her. She saw how sincere Ye Yuan was in his desire to guide her; Fortunately, it’s never a bad thing to attain more skills!

Without a word, Ji Fengyan bowed deeply toward Ye Yuan!

“Honored tutor, please accept my humble respects!”

A satisfied smile surfaced on Ye Yuan’s face. Sending Liu Ang flying with that single blow not only triggered Ji Fengyan’s determination, it also unveiled her immense potential.

Having trained under Ye Yuan for nearly ten years, Liu Ang was the most outstanding among his peers. If not, he would not have been chosen by the Ji family.

However, Ji Fengyan managed to defeat him with a single strike. This explosive power was not something that could be possessed by any other normal human!

Ye Yuan was satisfied that Ji Fengyan had finally unleashed her true potential. A daughter following her father’s footsteps… who knows… this soul may have long shed its shell and took on a new master!

—little did Ye Yuan know at that time, this small misunderstanding by him resulted in a moment that he would regret the rest of his days.

Ye Yuan personally helped Ji Fengyan to her feet. He had been waiting for this moment for so many years—he was finally able to witness it.

“Fengyan, there are many practitioners in this world. Apart from the terminator, there are two main sources of power: one is by cultivating the mind, while the other is by cultivating the physical body. Practitioners such as sorcerers and priests concentrate on cultivating their minds. Only with strong mental strength will they be able to attain great power. On the other hand, practitioners such as archers, swordsmen and horsemen concentrate on cultivating their physical bodies. They can train their bodies to be as hard as steel. However, both these cultivation methods must begin from a young age. In particular, cultivation of the mind requires one to relentlessly stimulate one’s mental will right from the start. Only then can one quickly develop their mental strength as they mature.”

While explaining to Ji Fengyan the power sources of the practitioners from this world, Ye Yuan was also gazing regretfully at her.

Ji Fengyan was still a petite, young girl—her physical body lacking the advantages of the male physique. On the other hand, she was already past her prime for cultivation of the mind. It was truly… a pity.

“So tutor, which do you think I should cultivate?” Ji Fengyan asked.

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