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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 181: Interrogation (1)

Chapter 181: Interrogation (1)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ji Qiu was sitting in the seat of honor in the Ji family hall. His handsome face showed traces of the passing years. As Ji Ru’s eldest son, he was widely acknowledged to be next in line to head the family. For the past couple of years, Ji Ru’s health had declined and many Ji family matters had been handed over to Ji Qiu.

Several other people sat in the hall. Besides Ji Mubai and Ji Qingshang, a middle-aged man who looked fairly similar to Ji Qiu sat on his right. However, compared to the solemn-looking Ji Qiu, this person had a cunning look which made him unapproachable despite his handsomeness. This was Ji Ru’s second son, Ji He. An astute businessman, most of the Ji family’s commerce was handled by him.

The hall was completely silent. A smile tugged at the corner of Ji He’s mouth as his gaze swept over Ji Qiu’s face. Ji Qiu seemed entirely absorbed in quietly sipping his tea.

In a moment, the servants brought Ji Fengyan in and everyone in the hall raised their heads to look at this strange, yet familiar girl.

“Ji Fengyan greets her uncles.” Ji Fengyan walked over slowly and spoke with neither humility nor arrogance.

Ji He glanced at Ji Fengyan, a strange smile in his eyes. Ji Mubai nodded slightly at Ji Fengyan. Only Ji Qingshang made no attempt to mask her displeasure at seeing Ji Fengyan.

As the next family head, Ji Qiu slowly lifted his eyes and looked at Ji Fengyan. His grave eyes swept over Ji Fengyan and his resolute face was dignified but without anger.

“Back already?” asked Ji Qiu, his deep, steady voice as dignified as a bell or a drum.

“Yes,” said Ji Fengyan.

Ji Qiu glanced at Bai Ze, who stood by Ji Fengyan. “Is this the mount you chose?”

“Yes.” Ji Fengyan’s answer was simple and concise.

Ji Qiu frowned slightly before raising his head. “Are you aware of the mount’s significance to the terminator?”

Ji Fengyan chuckled and replied, “Naturally, they are war companions that share life and death.”

“Since you know the significance of a mount, why did you choose such a useless one?” Ji Qiu raised his eyes and looked at Ji Fengyan, his stern gaze intimidating. “A formidable mount is key to the terminator’s survival on the battlefield. Your life hangs in the balance when battling the Demon Clan. Also, the Demon Clan is cunning and often lures its enemies with various schemes. Do you know that every year, many who have just been made terminator die because of the Demon Clan’s plots? Even with a ferocious beast to aid you, it will be difficult to survive. If you bring this vulnerable animal to the battlefield, what are your chances of returning alive from the Demon Clan’s army?”

Ji Qiu stopped speaking, but as he looked at Ji Fengyan, his gaze grew even sharper.

It was as if Ji Qiu’s words had brought the entire hall into a bloody battle between life and death. The atmosphere was so oppressive it was almost suffocating.

When Ji Qiu had summoned her, Ji Fengyan had not expected his first attack to be on the subject of her mount.


Ji Fengyan raised her head slightly and met Ji Qiu’s sharp eyes with indifference. Without showing any sign of retreat, she said, “I thought that countries used terminators as the main force against the Demon Clan because of their innate power. If the terminator’s life is merely dependent on his mount, does he still have any reason to exist? Other professionals are available. Why go into so much trouble to use the terminators? If one dies at the hands of the Demon Clan, one can only blame oneself for not being powerful enough. It has nothing to do with external factors.”

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