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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 194: I Seek Your Kind Guidance (1)

Chapter 194: I Seek Your Kind Guidance (1)

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“The Green Nightmare Army is really boastful!” A slightly mocking voice suddenly arose from the crowd.

At the sound of this voice, Hu Sisheng frowned slightly. Linghe and the others were stunned and turned towards the sound!

The crowd also turned to look for the source of the voice and saw a pretty young girl smilingly walking through the crowd towards Linghe and the others.

“Miss?” Linghe looked with surprise at Ji Fengyan, who was standing next to Zuo Nuo.

Ji Fengyan smiled and patted Linghe’s shoulder, then turned to look at the frowning Hu Sisheng.

“My thanks to the Green Nightmare Army for taking considerations for Brother Ling and the others. What a pity that Brother Ling will never join the Green Nightmare Army in this lifetime.” Ji Fengyan spoke laughingly.

Hu Sisheng eyed the young lady in front of him who stood no higher than his shoulder. He looked strangely at Linghe and the others before quickly reaching a conclusion. He smirked, raised his chin slightly and said, “You must be Ji Yun’s daughter?”

“That’s right.” Ji Fengyan answered with neither humility nor arrogance.

“Ah.” Hu Sisheng suddenly laughed His mocking glance sized up Ji Fengyan, then he turned to the rest of the Green Nightmare Army soldiers and said, “Like I said, Linghe has not much ability. He’s really hiding in the capital to babysit!”

“Haha,” the Green Nightmare Army soldiers roared with laughter.

Hu Sisheng turned back to look at Ji Fengyan. Clasping his hands in front of his chest, he said, “Ah, so you are General Ji Yun’s daughter. Sorry I did not recognize you.”

Although Hu Sisheng spoke politely, his expression was mocking, without a trace of sincerity.

“Miss, you are young and don’t know any better. You aren’t aware that this Brother Ling behind you used to be a valiant general in the army. However, the last defeat has made him timid and so he has hidden in the capital to enjoy life. I just couldn’t bear to see him unable to recover from this bitter blow, that’s why I spoke as I did.” Hu Sisheng spoke as if he only had Linghe’s welfare at heart.

Linghe fervently wished he could go over and tear Hu Sisheng’s mouth.

However, Ji Fengyan laughed and said, “Oh I see. However, you don’t need to worry about this. Brother Ling and the others will eventually return to the battlefield one day.”

“Oh?” Hu Sisheng raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at Ji Fengyan and said, “If he really has the courage to do that, I will certainly look forward to it. But which troop would want such a group of cowardly deserters?”

“You!” Zuo Nuo was so angry he wanted to rush forward, but Ji Fengyan suddenly raised her hand and stopped him. She raised her head slightly, looked at Hu Sisheng and said, “I have heard that the Green Nightmare Army fights like a tiger. Since an opportunity presents itself today, why don’t you show me some of your moves so that I can learn from you?”

Ji Fengyan’s words shocked everyone present.

Ji Fengyan actually wanted to spar with Hu Sisheng?

Was this a joke?

Besides the fact that Ji Fengyan was only a young girl, even a grown man would only have a slim chance of winning a fight with Hu Sisheng.

Although Hu Sisheng was frivolous, he was no weakling to be able to win his position within the Green Nightmare Army.

In a moment, the crowd was abuzz. Everyone could see that Ji Fengyan wished to stand up for Linghe and the others, but to do it in this way… she had certainly overestimated herself.

Hu Sisheng cocked a brow at Ji Fengyan’s startling words. “Little lady, are you intending to fight me with the World-Termination-Armour?”

Ji Fengyan smilingly shook her head and said, “I don’t need the World-Termination-Armour to deal with you.”

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