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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 195: I Seek Your Kind Guidance (2)

Chapter 195: I Seek Your Kind Guidance (2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Hu Sisheng’s face instantly darkened, his smile turning stiff.

Zuo Nuo and company had wanted to say something else, but seeing Ji Fengyan about to make a move—they obediently retreated, making a big show of cheering to support their mistress.

This situation dumbfounded the onlooking soldiers.

They would not have been so shocked if Ji Fengyan planned to fight Hu Sisheng with the World-Termination-Armour—but Ji Fengyan had clearly expressed no intention of using the armour. Moreover, not only were Linghe and the others not trying to intervene, they actually appeared happy at this turn of events?

It puzzled the whole crowd. Logically, shouldn’t Linghe and company be desperately trying to stop this?

“Since Mistress Ji is so sure of herself, I will not undermine your confidence. However, it is inevitable for accidents to happen during a sparring match. Please forgive me should I offend you in any way.” Hu Sisheng said with a dishonest smile.

“Likewise,” Ji Fengyan answered pleasantly.

Hu Sisheng’s expression turned even uglier. Despite his young age, he had already progressed to the front lines of the Green Nightmare Army—his powers were undeniable. How did he end up being looked down upon by this little girl? A malicious glint flashed across his eyes as he took up a fighting stance.

Looking at Hu Sisheng’s pompous display, Ji Fengyan gave a thin smile and moved her left foot slightly forward.

That step could be likened to that of a casual, relaxing stroll.

From Ji Fengyan’s stance, Hu Sisheng could tell that this was someone who had never cultivated either her mind or her body.

This was the silly young girl who dared to talk big with him?

Just as Hu Sisheng was preparing to teach Ji Fengyan a lesson, her entire person disappeared from sight the moment her foot touched the ground!

Time seemed to have come to a standstill!

Everyone stared in disbelief. One by one, they leaned forward searching up and down the area.

Ji Fengyan had disappeared!

Right before their very eyes, she had suddenly morphed into a phantom shadow and vanished without a trace!

No one could believe their own eyes. Ji Fengyan was clearly standing right in front of Linghe and the others. But… how did she turn invisible in the blink of an eye?

“What in the devil’s name is this? Where is that young girl?” Someone couldn’t help shouting out.

Meanwhile, Hu Sisheng’s entire body had gone rigid. He had absolutely no idea how Ji Fengyan managed to disappear…

Just as Hu Sisheng started to hold some doubts, the Green Nightmare Army standing behind him felt a gush of cold air!

Ji Fengyan’s profile suddenly appeared behind Hu Sisheng, leaving no time for anyone to react. With traces of a smile on her lips, she raised a long, slender leg and viciously kicked Hu Sisheng in the butt!

Hu Sisheng had no idea what was happening and was in no position to react. His whole body flew with that kick—his well-built physique completely splayed out flat on the ground, gaining him a mouthful of dirt!

The soldiers standing behind Hu Sisheng had witnessed everything. But before they could say a word, she had already kicked Hu Sisheng to the floor. What an embarrassing sight!

“Oh my, how could you be so careless?” Ji Fengyan said lightly. She stood grinning in her original position, looking on at the prone Hu Sisheng.

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