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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 198: A Brutal Strike (2)

Chapter 198: A Brutal Strike (2)

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“Oh? What are you going to do about me then?” Mirth hung about Ji Fengyan’s lips. She turned fully to regard Hu Sisheng.

Taking a deep breath, Hu Sisheng scanned the rest of the Green Nightmare Army from the corner of his eye. “When did you all become such worthless bums? A bunch of guys just standing there watching? Why are you not defending the reputation of the Green Nightmare Army?”

Hu Sisheng’s shout woke those soldiers from their stupor. Regaining their normal faculties, they were hit with the fierce realization that as a group battle-hardened soldiers, how could they have been so petrified by the threats of a young fourteen-year-old girl? They would end up being the laughingstock of the whole barracks if news of this leaked out.

Registering all that, the soldiers sprang into action. Everyone stepped forward, flanking Hu Sisheng on the sides and taking up confrontational postures.

“What’s going on? Are you being a sore loser?” Ji Fengyan grinned at Hu Sisheng.

Hu Sisheng snorted coldly. “Little brat, I don’t know about the methods you used, but let me tell you, the Green Nightmare Army will not tolerate provocation from just about anyone! Even as the daughter of General Ji Yun, we will not condone you insulting us in any way!”

Ji Fengyan looked in amusement at Hu Sisheng’s bravado. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she said, “I didn’t know you alone represented the whole Green Nightmare Army. How is it that the entire standing of the Green Nightmare Army is resting solely on your shoulders?”

Having been publicly ridiculed by Ji Fengyan, Hu Sisheng had stubbornly invoked the reputation of the Green Nightmare Army. He obviously did not intend to let this go easily.

The crowd understood this clearly, but no one dared to expose Hu Sisheng’s intentions. He did hold a certain status within the Green Nightmare Army—nobody was willing to offend a member of the Green Nightmare Army just for the likes of Ji Fengyan.

“Young punk, your sparring match with our Big Brother Hu earlier—he had gone light on you because of your young age. Don’t think that you possess any true skills! We just didn’t want to look like we were bullying a little kid! If you are truly formidable, let those cowards standing behind you come forth. See if I won’t beat them to a pulp!” A member of the Green Nightmare Army hollered.

“Let’s fight then! I am not afraid of you!” Fury surged within Linghe and gang and they immediately prepared to strike.

However, Ji Fengyan raised her hands to block their path. She gazed at Hu Sisheng and his cronies with traces of a smile on her lips. “Oh? So you guys did let me off easy?”

“Naturally.” Someone from the Green Nightmare Army replied.

Ji Fengyan chuckled. “If so, let’s have a rematch. But there’s no need for Brother Linghe and the rest to step in for me.”

“Little rascal, you are so smug only because of your status as the Terminator. You obviously know we cannot attack the Terminator!” Hu Sisheng stated calmly, even though he was thoroughly terrified of Ji Fengyan’s evasive maneuvers.

“Mistress, don’t waste your breath on them anymore.” Linghe frowned, realizing that Hu Sisheng was trying to save face.

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan said, “Since they feel that they have not been humiliated enough, why shouldn’t I help them?”

With that, Ji Fengyan looked directly at Hu Sisheng.

“Don’t you worry. I will not be the one making any moves.”

With a laugh, Ji Fengyan snapped her fingers. “Hold on a second, someone will be along to take you guys on.”

The crowd stared at Ji Fengyan in puzzlement. A moment later—before anyone knew what was happening—a tall, stout figure emerged from the masses!

“Mistress.” Yang Jian came before Ji Fengyan with a trident in hand, the armoured scales on his body appearing especially dazzling under the sunlight.

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