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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 200: A Brutal Strike (4)

Chapter 200: A Brutal Strike (4)

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It should be pointed out that the armour of the Green Nightmare Army was of military supreme-grade. Each of them incomparably hard and impervious to ordinary weapons. Their armour had been specially forged to deal with the Demon Clan’s sharp claws and teeth.

Yet, it was this virtually indestructible armour that yielded like a soft piece of tofu under Yang Jian’s trident.

For a moment, a deep hush fell upon everyone.

Only the person who was sent flying emitted a painful moaning while collapsed on the ground.

“Next, whose turn is it?” Ji Fengyan called out in the midst of that silence. Her merry eyes fell on Hu Sisheng’s pale face.

Hu Sisheng’s looked extremely ill. Being defeated by Ji Fengyan might be justifiable, but now… if he tried to find an excuse for this, it would only lead to more ridicule by the others!

Hu Sisheng quietly clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes at Ji Fengyan. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Indeed, Mistress Ji has many formidable companions. Today has been an eye-opening experience for me. I will now take my leave!”

With that, Hu Sisheng had the others carry the injured soldier—all of them slipping away in a sorry state.

Watching the backs of the miserable-looking Green Nightmare Army, Ji Fengyan reminded them, “Don’t forget about what I said earlier.”

Hu Sisheng’s paused, Ji Fengyan’s previous words suddenly surfacing in his mind.

[We will settle our scores with the Green Nightmare Army another time. Just wait till I don my armour for battle!]

Hu Sisheng’s heart received a slight jolt, but he dared not even turn his head. He could only hasten his steps to join his departing companions.

The entire ruckus came to an end with the Green Nightmare Army’s retreat. The onlooking soldiers dispersed, but not before stealing a fearful glance at Ji Fengyan and Yang Jian. They had all broken out in a furtive cold sweat.

Since Ji Yun’s death, everyone thought that Linghe and company would have no one backing them anymore. Who could have known… this daughter of Ji Yun was no pushover!

This grudge between Ji Fengyan and the Green Nightmare Army would inevitably be settled one day!

After the crowd scattered, Ji Fengyan’s turned her small face toward Linghe and the others. “Brother Ling, where are your barracks? Don’t just stand there.”

Ji Fengyan’s jovial tone made Linghe and the rest—who had originally felt emotional about their formidable Mistress—let out a collective sigh…

Indeed, they should not have expected Mistress to maintain normalcy for long.

“This way please…” Linghe raised his hand, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He would have to let Ji Fengyan stay at their barracks for the moment.

On the way, Linghe asked Ji Fengyan her reasons for coming. Sparing no details, she shared her entire encounter with the Ji family. When they finally reached the barracks, Linghe and company were all stunned by the recount of Ji Fengyan’s “roaring success” with the Ji family.

“Miss… Mistress, did you really throw all those ledgers at Ji He and Ji Qiu’s faces?” Linghe held his chest, looking as if he had difficulty breathing.

“No, I did not.” Ji Fengyan shook her head.

Linghe let out a sigh of relief.

“I only flung the ledgers in front of them.” Ji Fengyan said.

“…” Having just relaxed, Linghe stiffened again.

What’s the difference!!

“Mistress, you… might have a bit too…” Linghe swallowed, confounded by his Mistress’s crude and boorish actions!

It had only been less than half a day since her return, and Ji Fengyan had already accomplished all the things that she should have done all those years back… Linghe could easily imagine how certain members of the Ji family must be gnashing their teeth in anger now!

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