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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 201: An Eventful Period (1)

Chapter 201: An Eventful Period (1)

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“Did I do anything wrong?” Ji Fengyan asked as she innocently batted her eyes at Linghe and the others.

The bodyguards exchanged glances but could not find fault with her.

They had hoped that Ji Fengyan would regain all these, but their mistress’s actions had obviously… exceeded their expectations.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Miss, but since you are now living in the Ji home, if they refuse to pay their debts…” Linghe tactfully tried to remind her.

Ji Fengyan had acted briskly, but the outcome ultimately depended on how thick-skinned the Ji family would be.

Ji Fengyan sniggered and produced a piece of paper that she tossed over with a snap.

Several large words were clearly written on the paper, together with Ji Qiu’s name.

“What’s this?” The corner of Linghe’s eyes twitched a little. He didn’t think that his mistress would come up with anything useless.

Ji Fengyan slyly batted her eyes at Linghe and laughed, “You watch, Brother Ling. Not only will I make the Ji family spit out all the things they owe my father and I, I will also collect the interest on the debt.”

The bodyguards looked at Ji Fengyan’s crafty expression and suddenly began to sympathize with the Ji family.

They had offended a monster and now tough times were ahead.

They walked as they talked and soon arrived at the army tent that belonged to Linghe and the others. Ji Fengyan entered the tent, but before she could see the tent’s interior, an unidentifiable, black object flew into her face!

Ji Fengyan agilely reached out to block it!

She felt something warm and furry in her hand.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp!” A familiar voice suddenly sounded in Ji Fengyan’s ears.

Ji Fengyan opened her hand and saw a confused and disoriented little Bat lying in her palm, shaking its equally little head. Three steps away, a slavering Xiao Tian Quan suddenly froze and squatted on the floor, looking at Ji Fengyan guiltily.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. Little Bat shakily got up. The moment it saw Ji Fengyan, it started wailing loudly again. Its two small claws clung tightly to Ji Fengyan’s fingertips. It looked at her tearfully, its little body quivering. Even the fur on its body was standing on end.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp!!!”

Ji Fengyan looked at the terrified Little Bat, then glanced at the guilty-looking Xiao Tian Quan. She immediately understood what had happened.

“I say, Xiao Tian…” Ji Fengyan had just opened her mouth, but before she could even complete two sentences, the guilt-stricken Xiao Tian Quan quickly prostrated itself on the floor. It used its two front paws to cover its muzzle and let out low, pitiful moans.

The corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth twitched slightly.

After doing something wrong, it could still pretend to be pitiful?

Ji Fengyan gave Yang Jian a look. Yang Jian’s imposing body immediately walked over to Xiao Tian Quan and his large hand seized it by the scruff of its neck. He dragged it into a bamboo basket that stood at the side to let it reflect on its wrongdoings.

After Little Bat saw that Xiao Tian Quan had been “imprisoned”, it collapsed in Ji Fengyan’s palm, still quivering and looking extremely pitiful.

Linghe cleared his throat and spoke tactfully. “Ahem. Miss, perhaps… you would like to bring this fellow with you? Xiao Tian Quan has been pining for you all day, which makes it difficult for us to care for him.”

He did not see Xiao Tian Quan’s eyes, which were fixed on Little Bat. Its eyes were starting to glow with a green light!

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