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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 202: An Eventful Period (2)

Chapter 202: An Eventful Period (2)

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Ji Fengyan looked at Little Bat and brought the small creature along. Previously in Ji City, she had allowed Linghe to bring Little Bat for strolls around the city, but they had not found Liu Huo. She suspected that Liu Huo had already left Ji City. In bringing Little Bat along to the capital, she had hoped to find some clues along the capital’s busy streets.

Even if she did not find Liu Huo, if she located his blood kin, she could still get news of him.

“All right. I have nothing to do these days anyway, so I’ll bring the little creature around the capital.” Ji Fengyan looked at the sobbing and sniffling Little Bat and smilingly used a needle to prick her fingertip. She then squeezed out a fresh drop of blood.

The originally listless Little Bat perked up the moment it smelled the fragrant blood. Forgetting its previous misfortunes, it clung to the drop of blood and started munching away.

As Ji Fengyan tilted her head to look at Little Bat’s small, satisfied face, Liu Huo’s delicate little face surfaced in her mind’s eye.

She wondered if the little fellow was eating like that every day.

“Miss, the way you dealt with Hu Sisheng just now was amazing! Did you see the members of the Green Nightmare Army were all black with rage? It was wonderful!” A few bodyguards sat down in the tent and fervently started to talk about how Ji Fengyan had settled the Green Nightmare Army.

Linghe recovered his wits. He looked at Ji Fengyan and said, “Miss, what was that method you used? How did you disappear with just a movement or two?”

Linghe was a well-informed person, but he had never seen anyone as fast as Ji Fengyan. Even the archers, who were the fastest among the practitioners, could barely attain half of Ji Fengyan’s speed.

Ji Fengyan looked at the interested expressions around her and straightened up slightly. “Are you talking about the Moon Chasing Steps?”

“Moon Chasing Steps?” Linghe’s face was blank.

Ji Fengyan said, “What I used just now is called the Moon Chasing Steps. Although it starts slowly, once my foot touches the ground, the speed increases to its maximum. At such high speeds, ordinary people cannot follow my movements with the naked eye, which created the illusion of me disappearing. In fact, I never left your line of sight.”

The Moon Chasing Steps was a cultivation technique that had been passed down by Ji Fengyan’s grandmaster. Although immortal cultivators seldom go into battle, the long years of arduous cultivation are extremely tedious. As a result, many immortal cultivators end up pondering about outlandish things. Ji Fengyan’s master and grandmaster belonged to this category. Her grandmaster especially enjoyed analyzing various alternative cultivation techniques, while her master enjoyed developing and making elixirs. As the lowest ranking member of the immortal cultivators, Ji Fengyan did not have any autonomy. From the time she was young, she was either being dragged off by her grandmaster to learn cultivation techniques or forced by her master to refine elixirs. As a result, she was a jack of all trades…

“That sounds like something really powerful… can we learn the Moon Chasing steps?” Zuo Nuo looked at Ji Fengyan with glittering eyes.

Ji Fengyan raised her hand and smacked Zuo Nuo’s head moderately hard. “Whenever you are willing to cultivate diligently, you can learn. Right now… you are still not good enough.”

Zuo Nuo rubbed his head with a complicated expression on his face.

The cultivation techniques that Miss taught them were just too outlandish. Although Ji Fengyan usually forced them to practice, once they were out of her sight, they never touched it…

After all, who would believe that just sitting on the ground could make one stronger?

However, Ji Fengyan’s words caused Linghe and the others to feel a strange sense of expectation towards this unique cultivation technique…

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