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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 203: An Eventful Period (3)

Chapter 203: An Eventful Period (3)

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They should practice seriously, they might achieve amazing results!

Ji Fengyan saw the expression of Zuo Nuo and the others change subtly and laughed inwardly.

In truth, she had plenty of ways to deal with people like Hu Sisheng. She did not even need to act publicly.


Ji Fengyan had seen her own bodyguards being bullied by others and she was not a good-tempered mistress. She knew that Linghe and the others did not have much faith in the immortal cultivators’ cultivation methods, so she had deliberately shown off the Moon Chasing Steps to intrigue them.

Now they got hooked!

Ji Fengyan sat near Linghe and struck while the iron was hot. She led Linghe and the others in revising the key points in basic meditation. After that, she took Little Bat and Bai Ze and stumbled out of the barracks back to the Ji house.

At the Ji home, Ji Fengyan’s comings and goings did not attract anyone’s attention. The servants in the mansion pretended not to see Ji Fengyan, but she did not mind. With a plan in mind, she slowly returned to her room. She closed the doors and windows and once she had set the boundaries of the house; she sat on the bed. From the Space Soul Jade, she took out a few pieces of rare ore that she had brought from Ji City and began cultivating.

The next morning, before Ji Fengyan had finished regulating her breathing, she heard an urgent knocking on her door.

Ji Fengyan opened her eyes and placed a camouflage spell on Little Bat before getting off her bed to open the door.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Ji Qingshang’s beautiful face.

Ji Qingshang looked at Ji Fengyan and subconsciously wrinkled her brow. As if she had just thought of something, she cleared her throat and said, “Ji Fengyan, tonight is the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet. Oldest Uncle and Second Uncle are unable to go and they want us to represent the Ji family, so I came to notify you.”

When she had finished speaking, Ji Qingshang glanced at the shabby room behind Ji Fengyan. She subconsciously took a few steps backwards and waved her hand in front of her nose. When she saw that Ji Fengyan’s room contained a palm-sized eaglet, a look of surprise flashed across her face.

“Are you raising a raptor in the house? Someone might get hurt!”

Ji Fengyan glanced at the “raptor” that Ji Qingshang was talking about. The camouflage spell hid Little Bat and all a bystander could see was a bald eaglet..

“Birthday banquet? Why should I go?” Ji Fengyan chose to evade the crucial and focus on the trivial.

Ji Qingshang huffily replied, “You really have no conscience. Clearly the Thirteenth Prince’s Royal Mother wasted her breath advocating for you in front of the Emperor after Fifth Uncle died in battle. Otherwise, do you think just based on Fifth Uncle’s achievements, the Emperor would have paid so much attention to you? Don’t forget that the Thirteenth Prince’s Royal Mother was kind to your father. If you wish to show ingratitude to your benefactors, just don’t go. In any case I have already notified you, you can decide whether to go!”

Ji Qingshang finished speaking and left with a contemptuous snort.

Ji Fengyan looked at Ji Qingshang’s disappearing figure and an elusive smile flickered at the corner of her mouth.

The Thirteenth Prince…

The original owner of the body had some impression of the fabled Thirteenth Prince’s Royal Mother, who was once a famous beauty. She belonged to one of the foreign tribes at the border, and when the tribe had been attacked by the Demon Clan, it had no choice but to present its most beautiful woman to the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon in exchange for military protection.

When Ji Yun had passed away, this Imperial Concubine had sent her condolences. It was true she could be considered Ji Yun’s benefactor.


“Since when has the Ji family been so kind-hearted?” Ji Fengyan laughed lightly and entered the room, closing the door behind her.

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