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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 204: A Magnificent Banquet (1)

Chapter 204: A Magnificent Banquet (1)

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That night, a beautifully dressed Ji Qingshang waited outside the Ji house for a long time. Ji He also stood by the door. Both of them repeatedly glanced at the mansion’s interior.

Ji He looked at Ji Qingshang and asked, “Qingshang, did you allow your feelings to get the better of you when you handled the matter?”

Ji Qingshang coquettishly stamped her foot and said, “Second Uncle, is Qingshang so immature in your eyes? Would I dare to mishandle something that Oldest Uncle asked me to do?”

Ji He nodded. At that moment, a figure slowly walked out of the mention. Ji He’s pulse sped up.

Ji Fengyan wore a simple suit and slowly walked within Ji Qingshang and Ji He’s view. The moment Ji Qingshang saw Ji Fengyan’s outfit, she could not help but laugh and brush her elegant skirt with her hand as if by accident.

“Fengyan, how could you dress like that?” Ji He did not expect Ji Fengyan to dress so casually and was momentarily taken aback.

“Won’t this do?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Ji He opened his mouth but said nothing. When he saw the bald eaglet perching on Ji Fengyan’s shoulder, the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Fengyan, today is the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet. Why are you bringing this…” Ji He gestured at it.

Ji Fengyan raised her hand and fondled Little Bat who was on her shoulder. Others now saw it as a bald eaglet.

Ji Fengyan laughed lightly and said, “Can’t I bring it along? If I can’t, I won’t go.”

Ji He did not dare allow Ji Fengyan to refuse to go. He quickly said, “It’s all right, bring it along if you like. It’s getting late, you better hurry there with Qingshang. The birthday gifts are already in the carriage. Don’t be late.”

As he spoke, Ji He hustled Ji Fengyan and Ji Qingshang into the carriages. Ji Qingshang glanced at the plainly dressed Ji Fengyan, then lifted her chin high and leisurely stepped into the carriage.

Without further ado, Ji Fengyan also quickly got into a carriage.

Ji He personally saw Ji Fengyan enter the carriage before he let out his breath. He immediately signaled to the drivers and the two carriages started off.

In the carriage, Ji Fengyan cradled Little Bat in her hand. She looked out of the carriage window at the sight of the capital in the gathering dusk.

“Little fellow, be careful tonight.” Ji Fengyan used her finger to rub Little Bat’s furry tummy. Little Bat murmured luxuriously.

Many important families were certain to attend the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet. Ji Fengyan brought Little Bat along so it could search the crowd for brethren similar to its own.

The carriage wheels rolled along, leaving the Ji house behind as it drove slowly towards the palace. As they got nearer to the palace, the road became increasingly crowded with splendid carriages. The light of the lamps passing outside the carriage window also grew brighter.

In a short while, the carriages stopped outside the Emperor’s palace.

The Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was now over sixty years old. He had thirteen sons and four daughters.

The Thirteenth Prince was the Emperor’s youngest child. He was thirty years old this year. As the youngest son and with a beautiful mother, he was highly favored by the Emperor. Even though he was the Thirteenth Prince among many princes, he was the one the Emperor doted on the most.

When Ji Qingshang reached the palace, the servant girls helped her slowly alight from the carriage. Naturally pretty, she had taken pains with her dressing tonight. A ruby necklace hung around her neck and glittered brilliantly in the light of the lamps, making her bright and charming face look even more lovely. When she had alighted from the carriage, she subconsciously raised her eyes to look at Ji Fengyan’s carriage. A cold, malicious smile grew on her lips.

Ji Fengyan, you will suffer tonight!

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