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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 205: A Magnificent Banquet (2)

Chapter 205: A Magnificent Banquet (2)

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Everyone of a certain social standing attended the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet to offer their blessings. Many luxurious horse carriages parked outside the palace, as ornately dressed well-wishers gathered in groups of twos and threes in conversation.

Ji Fengyan alighted from her horse carriage, her simple garb making her a sharp contrast from those gown-wearing ladies with their exquisitely made-up faces. Standing right where the glow of the moon intersected with light from the lamps, Ji Fengyan eyed the lofty palace before her. She raised her hand and scratched the nervous little bat with her fingertips.

“Qingshang, you have arrived?” A splendidly dressed young lady spied Ji Qingshang’s profile and headed smilingly toward her.

With a similarly pleasant expression, Ji Qingshang exchanged some small talk with the young lady, their attention subconsciously drawn toward Ji Fengyan’s direction.

“Qingshang, isn’t that your family’s new Terminator? How come she looks like that…” Ning Beier frowned a little while looking at Ji Fengyan, who at best could be described as fresh-looking. Ning Beier’s critical gaze scrutinized Ji Fengyan’s skinny and petite figure.

“That’s her.” Ji Qingshang twisted the corners of her lips.

Ning Beier wrinkled her nose. “I don’t know what Grandfather Ji is thinking. Brother Mubai is obviously better suited to be the Terminator.”

“We have no say in this at all. She snatched away that honor based solely on the fact that she is Fifth Uncle’s daughter.” Ji Qingshang snorted derisively. “Forget it, don’t bother about her. Let’s enter first—I heard that Grand Tutor will also be here tonight.”

Eyes sparking as she said this, Ji Qingshang led Ning Beier through the grand doors of the palace.

Entirely ignored by everyone, Ji Fengyan only continued to gaze upon the magnificent palace. Her eyes held a barely perceptible… glowing spark!

Just standing outside this palace, she could already clearly feel it surging with spiritual energy!

It could be easily deduced just how many treasures—all holding strong spiritual energies—were housed in that palace. Just the thought of it caused excitement to surge from every pore on Ji Fengyan!

Even if she couldn’t use those treasures to cultivate in front of everyone, Ji Fengyan’s inner core would automatically absorb the emitted spiritual energy just by being in the vicinity. While not as effective as cultivation, it would still give a relatively good result.

For the first time, Ji Fengyan felt that the Ji family was not so useless after all.

Straining to control the fire burning in her eyes, Ji Fengyan walked through those open doors with a forced calm…

It was an extraordinarily lively scene inside the palace, with the various dignitaries all gathered in one place. Every single one of the young ladies, regardless of background, had dressed up to the nines, each striving to put her best face forward in this crowd.

Glittering flames were enclosed in transparent glass lamps, casting a bright light throughout the grand hall. The white, marbled floors were so smooth that one could make out his own reflection from it. Musicians dressed in gilded gauze garments sat at both ends of the grand hall, playing tune after marvelous tune.

After stepping into the grand hall, Ji Fengyan’s eyes worked tirelessly, scanning the entire place without a word. Witnessing all that radiating brilliance made her blood surge.

She could almost feel her inner core slowly heating up. That comfortable feeling shrouded her face with a most contented expression.

However, Ji Fengyan’s behavior had all been carefully observed by Ji Qingshang.

“She is really an unworldly country bumpkin.” Ji Qingshang sneered with a cold smile.

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