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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 206: A Magnificent Banquet (3)

Chapter 206: A Magnificent Banquet (3)

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The young ladies surrounding Ji Qingshang couldn’t contain their curiosity, and Ji Qingshang and Ning Beier were only too happy to detail Ji Fengyan’s history.

These spoilt young girls had never encountered such a strange situation, one by one widening their eyes in shocked interest. They then glanced toward Ji Fengyan and started giggling quietly.

In their eyes, Ji Fengyan was like a clown, only useful for entertainment purposes.

“I say, Qingshang. That Ji Fengyan, wasn’t she the one who previously had the Lei family…” A young lady spoke up as a thought suddenly crossed her mind.

A hint of amusement flashed across Ji Qingshang’s eyes as she pretended to be ignorant. “What Lei family? How is Ji Fengyan connected to the Lei family? I only know she had been promised in marriage to Lei Min, a member of an offshoot of the Lei family. In fact, she had previously gone to Ji City just to look for Lei Min.”

“You still don’t know?” The young lady was somewhat astonished. Lowering her voice, she passed on the gossip she had heard regarding the entire Ji City incident.

Finishing her tale—it rendered all those pampered young ladies speechless.

“Is what you said true? That… that Ji Fengyan really caused the death of her fiance’s father?”

“How could it be false? My family and the Lei family still maintain relations. I heard that although Lei Min’s father might just be an offshoot of the Lei family, he was highly respected by the family head. But what good did that serve, anyway? Not long after Ji Fengyan arrived at Ji City, she actually had Lei Min’s father killed.”

“But why?”

“What other reason could there be. I heard that she kept a gigolo at the side and committed the murder after being discovered. Who knows what kind of thoughts this person holds to actually do something so despicable? Qingshang, I also heard that the Lei family wants to stir up trouble for Ji Fengyan. The Lei family is also attending tonight’s banquet. Shouldn’t you send this fellow back first?” The young lady with the insider knowledge advised.

Ji Qingshang pretended not to understand, wrinkling her brows slightly.

“All that you have just shared, I really didn’t know. I am not that close to Ji Fengyan. She has not said anything much to anyone within the family since her return. She had come tonight at her own insistence—I am afraid she will not listen to me.” At that, Ji Qingshang even heaved a helpless sigh.

“Qingshang, I think you should just let her be. Turning up so eagerly tonight, she must hope to cozy up to the Thirteenth Prince’s Royal Mother? A betrothed woman who still behaves dubiously outside—no need for you to bother about her.” Ning Beier glanced at Ji Fengyan in disdain.

Ji Qingshang nodded, and the group of young ladies continued chattering away. No one noticed that Ji Qingshang’s eyes were full of maliciousness and curses when looking at Ji Fengyan.

As dinnertime approached, the palace servants guided everyone to their respective seats at the numerous round tables. Each table was set with gold-filigree cutlery and freshly bloomed flowers. There was a sense of spirited high even before anyone had imbibed any wine.

Ji Fengyan was led to a corner table right at the last row and half-blocked by a pillar. The table was already seated with over ten people of all ages, but with one commonality—their clothing seemed out of place amid all that opulence .They also held furtive gazes and subservient postures—all looking sorely unbecoming.

Ji Qingshang sat at a table in the center of the grand hall. Seeing Ji Fengyan’s assigned seat, she couldn’t help giving a satisfied smirk.

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