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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 207: A Magnificent Banquet (4)

Chapter 207: A Magnificent Banquet (4)

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Ji Fengyan did not express any dissatisfaction with her location. In fact, sitting in such a remote corner suited her just fine – even if she were to hide her hands under the table to cultivate, no one would notice anything strange.

Most of the people sitting at the same table as Ji Fengyan were nobles who had fallen from grace. Their family clans had previously enjoyed special privileges within the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon—but then had their aristocratic status revoked by the Emperor because of some wrongdoing. They had been invited to this banquet just to drive in the point of how costly their mistake was—rubbing in their faces the kind of life they were missing out and to let their former peers witness their desolate state.

Everybody at that table was well aware of their situation and not one could summon up any spirit—all fearful that they would inadvertently commit another faux pas.

Ji Fengyan’s appearance surprised these fallen nobles. They had clearly seen Ji Fengyan arrive in a Ji family horse carriage Why was she sitting with them now?

The bunch of folks looked at one another, but no one spoke up. They just kept their heads low and sat quietly in their chairs.

Ji Fengyan’s right hand teased the little bat on her shoulder, while her left hand dangled beneath the table, discreetly stimulating her inner core’s absorption of the spiritual energy emitted by the treasures in the palace.

“Ji Fengyan?”

A mildly arrogant voice wafted toward Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan raised her head and saw a lady wearing the same red suit as her, standing imperiously before the table.

The lady looked like she was in her early twenties with a coldly elegant face. On first glance, her outfit looked like a plain red suit, but a closer look revealed that it was covered in delicate embroidery. She also wore an exquisite red ring on her right hand.

That flaming-red figure drew the attention of everyone in the palace toward. Recognizing the identity of the lady, the crowd was uniformly shocked and looked toward Ji Fengyan with eyes full of pity.

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at the antagonistic-looking lady. She searched the memories of her former self and recalled her history with this individual.

Lei Qin, the Eldest Mistress of the main Lei family. A prodigious sorceress, although she did not inherit the Lei family’s World-Termination-Armour, she was extremely gifted in the art of mind cultivation. She had exhibited an extraordinary aptitude since a young age and was taken in as a direct disciple by the Leader of the Sorcerers’ Guild in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Lei Qin’s status as the Eldest Mistress of the Lei family and a disciple of the Sorcerers’ Guild Leader offered her extensive protection—making her virtually untouchable. Even within the capital, the number of people who dared go against Lei Qin were few and far between.

The moment Ji Fengyan saw Lei Qin, she knew what was coming. She glanced at the table where Ji Qingshang was seated, and as expected, Ji Qingshang was eagerly watching the situation unfold.

She had known that the Ji family did not have kind intentions.

Sure enough, they had orchestrated this “major showdown”!

With her lofty personality and great talents, Lei Qin’s words held a lot of weight with the Lei family head. She was also the leader among the younger generation of the Lei family. When Lei Min was being fostered at the Lei family, he had developed a very close relationship with Lei Qin—and ended up staying with the Lei family for many years.

There was nothing surprising about Lei Qin’s presence at the Thirteenth Prince’s banquet. Evidently, she had not approached Ji Fengyan just for a simple greeting.

Ji Fengyan and Lei Qin sized each other up.

Lei Qin had only met Ji Fengyan once before. She remembered that Ji Fengyan, then only ten years old, was just a cowardly kid too timid to utter even a single word.

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