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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 208: The Great Grand Tutor (1)

Chapter 208: The Great Grand Tutor (1)

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Seeing her again after those few years—the Ji Fengyan before her felt somewhat different from what Lei Qin remembered. The pair of eyes watching her did not hold a single ounce of fear or apprehension. There was even a hint of amusement in those pupils.

Ji Fengyan appeared to be the very embodiment of casualness.

“You are Ji Fengyan? The one who drove Lei Min out from Ji City?” A youthful voice piped up from Lei Qin’s side.

Ji Fengyan looked downward at a 13-to 14-year-old teenager who had suddenly materialized beside Lei Qin. He frowned scornfully at Ji Fengyan.

“One can never really know a person’s true nature. It’s amazing we failed to realize that you are such a deviant woman. Didn’t you trail after Lei Min incessantly, calling him Brother all the time when you were young? So hostile and heartless now that you have the World-Termination-Armour?” The youth stared coldly at Ji Fengyan as he spewed out his ugly words.

What the youth said attracted the attention of the surrounding crowd, all of whom more or less knew the gossip surrounding Ji Fengyan’s incident at Ji City. They had also heard that the Ji family’s World-Termination-Armour had been taken by this Ninth Mistress—the family wallflower and the most inferior member of all. Shortly after assuming the title of City Lord, not only did Ji Fengyan execute her future father-in-law, she had even forced her fiance out of Ji City.

After knowing that this ordinary-looking young girl was Ji Fengyan, the crowd instantly realized what was happening. The Lei family was going to avenge Lei Xu and Lei Min!

Even Ji Fengyan’s tablemates felt a sense of trepidation, afraid of being caught in the crossfire. Carrying their stools, they beat a hasty retreat to the back wall.

Ji Fengyan gave a light laugh. “Are you two here for a chat?”

“So what if we aren’t? Lei Min is a member of the Lei family. Did you think you can bully him just like that?” The youth replied coldly.

Ji Fengyan propped up her chin with a single hand and gazed calmly at the youth. “Oh? And so?”

Ji Fengyan’s casual attitude stunned the youth. He had prepared a full speech but would not get the chance to vent now—it was like punching cotton.

“So… so, blood for blood! You killed Lei Xu and you must repay with your life!” he said.

The youth’s words sent a shock wave through the entire crowd, even Lei Qin gave a slight frown.

Not only was Ji Fengyan a member of the Ji family, she was the Terminator—this was not someone that could be attacked as and when anyone wanted. It was beyond belief that the Lei family youth dared to raise such a threat.

However, Lei Qin only wrinkled her brow and did not express any intention of stopping him.

Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled in a chilly smile. Just as she was preparing to teach this brassy hooligan a lesson, the grand doors of the palace suddenly opened!

A pristine-white figure appeared in the doorway, instantly drawing the attention of everyone in the hall. In this moment, all hubbub was reduced to dust, leaving only a melodious tune floating across the entire palace.

Wearing a white, full-length robe, Xing Lou walked slowly into sight. His flawlessly handsome face causing the ladies in the palace to swoon.

Ji Qingshang no longer thought about witnessing Ji Fengyan’s humiliation. The moment Grand Tutor Xing Lou arrived, her whole heart lifted even as a deep blush spread across her lovely face.

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