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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 209: The Great Grand Tutor (2)

Chapter 209: The Great Grand Tutor (2)

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Standing right at the top of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s power hierarchy—his status on par with the Emperor but without his aged frailty—that handsome face was the feverish desire of every young lady in the Kingdom.

In that moment, the lights in the grand hall appeared to have lost their luster. The crowd only had eyes for Xing Lou’s elegant profile, all commotion relegated to a peaceful calm. A never-before sense of devout piety filled their hearts with a surge of fervent adoration.

Even the Lei family youth who had earlier taunted Ji Fengyan fell into silence. With sparkling eyes and a child-like expression, he stared ardently at Xing Lou as if he was witnessing the very presence of his personal god.

In the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, there was no one who didn’t hold the utmost respect for the Grand Tutor.

Women fell for his good looks and elegant bearing.

Men looked up to his imposing manner and a sense of mystery.

Xing Lou gathered the eyes of everyone in the entire grand hall. However, he seemed unaware of the gaping masses, walking naturally and gracefully into sight. Every step he took felt like a step into the people’s hearts.

Ji Fengyan observed the crowd-arresting Xing Lou, but with none of the ardor felt by the others. On the contrary, she held a vaguely complex expression.

Here was the person who promised to help her find Liu Huo, yet who vanished without a word. How should she react?

Ji Fengyan glanced at the dazed Lei family youth, her interest gradually waning. Bored, she lowered her head and played with her little bat.

“Grand… Grand Tutor…” The Lei family youth had turned scarlet, his glittery eyes fixed upon the nearing Grand Tutor Xing Lou. He became so agitated that he trembled all over.

Just as everyone was watching Grand Tutor Xing Lou with unrivaled devotion, that pure white form suddenly paused in the middle of the grand hall. Those indifferent eyes swept placidly across the hall, the light in his pupils giving off a slight tremor when his gaze landed on a particular figure.

The palace servant had been carefully leading Xing Lou to his seat—but was stumped after just a couple of steps.

Xing Lou had completely ignored the servants lead and changed course with no warning. He was heading toward a table in the back corner of the grand hall!

It stupefied everybody in the hall. Not daring to raise any objections, the palace servant followed Xing Lou dumbly.

The Lei family youth stared in disbelief as he realized that Xing Lou was walking in his very direction.

In that split second, it filled the youth with intense excitement and nervousness, his hands shivering slightly. All that arrogance when dealing with Ji Fengyan nowhere to be found.

Lei Qin looked on in surprise at the sudden approach of Xing Lou. Nevertheless, not daring to display any sign of impetuousness, she lowered her head.

As the youth witnessed Xing Lou walking right up to him, he felt a hot rush of blood surge up his head.

It must be pointed out that this table only held disgraced nobles—none of whom were worthy of Grand Tutor heading over. There was no way any of them was the reason that Xing Lou was moving in this direction…

A string of thoughts surfaced in the youth’s mind. Unable to contain his excitement, he stepped forward and strained to put forth his best face. He said respectfully to Xing Lou, “Hello Lord Grand Tutor, I am Lei Yuanxu of the Lei family. I am very happy to have the chance to meet you. I…”

Just as the nervous Lei Yuanxu spoke up, Xing Lou passed by him like a gust of cold wind, with nary a glance at the youth.

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