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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 210: The Great Grand Tutor (3)

Chapter 210: The Great Grand Tutor (3)

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Rooted to the ground, Lei Yuanxu’s ingratiating overtures fell flat on the floor.

Paying no heed, Xing Lou walked straight by him. In front of everyone’s dazed eyes, Xing Lou stopped before the half-empty table.

Even the musicians had stopped playing in their shock.

Everybody was looking at Xing Lou.

Meanwhile, Xing Lou was standing beside a scrawny figure, watching with lowered eyes at the petite frame.

Ji Fengyan instinctively raised her head at the sudden silence. Her curious gaze promptly met Xing Lou’s bottomless eyes.

“…” Ji Fengyan was totally stunned for a moment.

Why did Grand Tutor come over here?

Feeling the awkward atmosphere, Ji Fengyan glanced at the silent Xing Lou again. She asked hesitantly, “Well… would you like a seat?”

A collective gasp resounded in the grand hall the moment those words left her lips!

This table was meant for disgraced nobles, even a mid-level aristocrat wouldn’t bother going near that table. And this young girl actually dared to invite the venerable Grand Tutor to sit there!

Ji Qingshang’s eyes widened further. At this moment, she desperately wished she could go up to Ji Fengyan and give her a vicious slap. How dared she tarnish his Grand Tutor’s sacredness like that!


“Yes.” A calm voice penetrated the dead silence in the grand hall.

Before the crowd’s disbelieving eyes, Xing Lou magnanimously drew out the chair beside Ji Fengyan and spontaneously sat down.

“…” Ji Fengyan was at a loss for words.

She was just being polite—and he really just sat down?

As thick-skinned as Ji Fengyan was, even she could clearly feel countless of resentful looks shooting her way the moment Xing Lou sat down.

Wasn’t she just being innocently dragged into all this?

Ji Fengyan remained speechless.

Little be it known that an inner turmoil was already raging in everyone’s hearts.

The esteemed Grand Tutor was… actually sitting at a table meant for nobles who had fallen from grace!

This was totally inconceivable!

At her prime-positioned table, Ji Qingshang sat glaring, feeling as if someone had just given her a vicious kick in the chest. She knew that Grand Tutor would be coming today and had begged her father to arrange for a seat near the main host table. Who would have known…

Grand Tutor was sitting nowhere nearby!

Looking at Xing Lou sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Ji Fengyan—for the first time in Ji Qingshang’s life, how she desperately wished to trade places with Ji Fengyan just this once!

But why!

Why did Grand Tutor so humbly sit down just because of a few words by that country bumpkin?

The other person even more shocked than Ji Qingshang was the Lei family youth. He had been standing expectantly at the side, eagerly waiting to speak with Grand Tutor—but he ended up being a pathetic clown. His earlier impassioned expression stiffened as the youth leaned forward slightly but did not see anyone.

The person he so respected was at that very moment sitting right beside Ji Fengyan—whom he was just insulting!

An eerie calm covered the entire grand hall. Despite being the instigator of all this, Xing Lou appeared nonchalant, quietly sitting beside Ji Fengyan. The palace servant who was guiding Xing Lou was also dumbfounded and stood trembling at the side. Cautiously, he said, “Lord Grand Tutor, His Majesty has already arranged a seat for you.”

This seat you are at—it cannot be worthy of your exalted position?

Without batting an eyelid, Xing Lou said mildly, “Tell His Majesty that I will be sitting here for tonight’s banquet.”

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