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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 212: Do Not Tempt Me (1)

Chapter 212: Do Not Tempt Me (1)

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Everyone in the palace understood what was going on, but dared not speak for fear of being implicated.

Xing Lou suddenly spoke. “Xuan Wei.”

“Here I am.” Xuan Wei responded.

Xing Lou spoke coldly. “What is the penalty for being insubordinate to the terminator?”

A chilly light flashed across Xuan Wei’s eyes and he suddenly pulled a dagger from his belt.

The dagger glittered coldly in the light of the lamps, showing a strange glimmer of demon blood. It shone in the eyes of the onlookers.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” A tragic and piercing scream rose from Lei Yuanxu. He clutched the stump of his left arm and collapsed in a pool of blood, wailing in pain.

The shrill noise pierced everyone’s ears. Mixed with the pungent smell of blood, it woke everyone up like a bucket of cold water.

As the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s main fighting force against the Demon Clan, once the terminator entered the battlefield, he would fight to his last breath. Not once had a terminator left the battlefield alive. This heroic sacrifice inflated the terminator’s status in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. To encourage the terminators, no one in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was allowed to offend the terminator’s dignity. If anyone disobeyed, he paid in blood!

This was something that everyone in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon knew and was enshrined in the hearts of every citizen.

However, among the aristocracy, few people took this seriously.

They never imagined that…

Today, Xing Lou would use bloody facts to tell them that this law was set in blood!

The crowd could not help but shiver and shrink away. Ji Qingshang and a few of the young ladies who had mocked Ji Fengyan were now secretly relieved that Xing Lou had not overheard them.

Lei Qin stared in shock at Lei Yuanxu, who had collapsed on the ground. She suddenly collected her wits and used her hand to muffle Lei Yuanxu’s moans. She spoke to Xing Lou’s back. “Grand tutor, thank you for your actions. I’ll bring my younger brother home and discipline him strictly.”

Xing Lou did not reply, and Lei Qin took it as a tacit agreement. With an ashen face and with the help of the palace servants, she helped the blood-soaked Lei Yuanxu out of the grand hall.

The drops of blood that trailed after Lei Yuanxu gave off a frightening stench.

From the beginning to the end, Xing Lou did not turn his head or even glance at the Lei family siblings.

Xuan Wei allowed the palace servants to remove the bloodstains on the ground before he put away his dagger and stood behind Xing Lou.

Ji Fengyan witnessed everything at close range. It goes without saying that her expression was extremely strange.

This was her third meeting with Xing Lou, but her second time witnessing Xing Lou giving an order that ended in blood.

Ji Fengyan lifted her eyes to look at Xing Lou’s handsome profile, but she had difficulty reconciling the suave face with bloodshed.


It seemed that the two times that Xing Lou had acted; it had been because of her…

Feeling rather odd, Ji Fengyan rubbed her nose.

As if sensing Ji Fengyan’s gaze, Xing Lou turned. His clear eyes held a trace of doubt as they met Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

These eyes were crystal-clear, but as tempting as a deeply treasured black pearl. A trace of incomprehension and puzzlement mingled with a slight perplexity that made him look like a lost and innocent deer. It was truly a moving sight.

Ji Fengyan’s breath caught in her chest and she immediately looked away.

This fellow was just too mesmerizing!

She must not let little Liu Huo down!

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