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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 214: Do Not Tempt Me (3)

Chapter 214: Do Not Tempt Me (3)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A table full of delicacies that she could not eat…

To Ji Fengyan, this was torture.

Xing Lou’s gaze occasionally flickered towards Ji Fengyan. However, she was completely absorbed in the knives and forks and did not notice at all. As he looked at Ji Fengyan’s troubled expression, Xing Lou’s eyes filled with uncertainty. He looked at the table full of delicacies, but could not identify anything that was out of place.


Ji Fengyan took a deep breath and clumsily took up her knife and fork. She used the fork to forcefully spear a piece of beef and tried to transfer it to her own plate.

It was about to reach her plate, but the gravy-covered beef was unusually slippery and it slid down the fork and dropped.


Ji Fengyan stared as the piece of ‘fleeing’ beef fell into a sea of pure white.

At that moment, the surrounding girls who were secretly paying close attention to Xing Lou almost screamed!

A piece of beef half the size of a palm, together with its rich gravy, fell directly onto Xing Lou’s long white robe. It slowly slid down the robe and fell onto the ground…

It was as if time froze…

A long trail of gravy stained Xing Lou’s clean white robe.

“…” Ji Fengyan gulped.

Everyone in the grand hall also noticed what was happening, and in an instant, everyone fell silent. Even the Emperor and the Imperial Concubine looked over.

Ji Qingshang’s gaze passed over the crowd to look at the embarrassed Ji Fengyan, who was still holding her knife and fork. When she took in the stains on Xing Lou’s clothes, Ji Qingshang’s eyes almost fell out of her head!

Ji Fengyan dared to dirty the Grand Tutor’s clothes!

Who gave her such courage!!

The many girls who loved Xing Lou glared angrily at Ji Fengyan. Everyone waited to see how the Grand Tutor would punish this rude person!

Xing Lou frowned slightly. He raised his eyes a little to look at the fork in Ji Fengyan’s hand that was still dripping gravy.

Ji Qingshang saw what had happened and could not help but sneer inwardly. She waited for the Grand Tutor to drive Ji Fengyan away in his displeasure.


Xing Lou suddenly spoke. “Give that to me.”

Ji Fengyan blinked uncomprehendingly and looked at Xing Lou.

Without waiting for Ji Fengyan to respond, Xing Lou reached over and took the knife and fork from Ji Fengyan’s hand. As if there was no one else around, he personally speared a piece of tender meat and placed it on Ji Fengyan’s plate. Then he patiently used the cutlery to cut the piece of beef into small pieces.

“…” Ji Fengyan was rendered speechless.

Looking at Xing Lou’s lowered eyes and earnest expression, she suddenly felt her heart beating unusually.

His long lashes formed little shadows under his eyes and seemed to sweep across her heart.

Not only had Ji Fengyan been rendered speechless, everyone in the grand hall who had witnessed this scene was rendered speechless.

Who would have thought that the noble Xing Lou not only did not blame Ji Fengyan for her breach of etiquette, he actually personally cut up her beef?!

Even the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had never enjoyed such special treatment!

The many girls who had been angry with Ji Fengyan for her breach of etiquette now desperately wished they were in her shoes. They ground their teeth, jealous flames shooting from their eyes!

Ji Qingshang disbelievingly stood up from her place, her beautiful face turning a deadly white!

“It’s done.” Xing Lou did not think his actions were at all extraordinary. He finished cutting the meat and placed the gravy-stained cutlery on his own plate. Then he put his own clean cutlery into Ji Fengyan’s hand.

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