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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 215: Grand Tutor’s Blessings (1)

Chapter 215: Grand Tutor’s Blessings (1)

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Ji Fengyan looked between the plate of evenly sliced meat and the shining cutlery in her hands—a heavy anxiety rapidly rising within her.


No point wasting such gourmet delights!

Casting a brilliant smile at Xing Lou, Ji Fengyan swiftly helped herself to the food without a second thought to anyone else.

Having lived with her Master deep in the mountains and forests for many years, Ji Fengyan’s daily diet comprising mostly of wild vegetables. Moreover, as befitting an immortal cultivator, her Master and Grandmaster maintained simple eating habits—and Ji Fengyan had followed suit for over ten years.

Little was it known…

She actually loved good food!

The tender beef in a thick sauce melted the moment it entered her mouth. Her taste buds blossomed under the delectable flavors, nearly causing Ji Fengyan to cry out in bliss.

The palace chefs were truly highly skilled!

As Xing Lou regarded Ji Fengyan’s contented eating, traces of a smile played at the corners of his lips. Raising his eyes, he reached for the delicacies on the table and took some onto his own plate. After carving them into bite-sized portions, he would thoughtfully transfer the neatly cut food onto Ji Fengyan’s plate whenever she cleaned hers out.

Over and over again…

Ji Fengyan was like a happy hamster, focused on nothing else but eating and eating and eating…

She never even lifted her head the entire time.

It was as if the gentle, attentive and exquisitely handsome man beside her was still no match for the delicious morsels on her plate.

Witnessing this scene made every lady in the grand hall feel like vomiting blood. Let’s not talk about letting Xing Lou serve them—it would be their life’s greatest joy if he would even deign to taste the food they offered him.

In that moment, all the ladies were either chewing their food insipidly or stewing it in jealousy. Twisting their handkerchiefs and sleeves, they stared daggers at Ji Fengyan.

Although only Ji Fengyan and Xing Lou were seated at the huge table, Xing Lou’s clout ensured that it was nonetheless ladened with a sumptuous spread fit for an Emperor. Dozens of overflowing dishes crowded the table which Xing Lou insisted on taking a share from every plate and offering them to Ji Fengyan.

With the food so meticulously sliced, it proved no great difficulty even for the fork-and-knife-challenged Ji Fengyan to stuff the portions one by one into her mouth.

Watching Ji Fengyan’s bulging cheeks and her chewing efforts, amusement floated across Xing Lou’s eyes. He subconsciously raised his hand toward Ji Fengyan’s cheeks and gave it a gentle… poke…

“Eh…” Ji Fengyan lifted her head. Her mouth was filled with food—her two cheeks puffed up like a greedy hamster. She stared straight at Xing Lou with wide, questioning eyes.

At that very moment, Xing Lou’s heart skipped a beat. Looking at her current demeanor, not only did Xing Lou not find it crude, her manner actually tickled him and made him feel like laughing.

Almost involuntarily, Xing Lou took a napkin from the table to tenderly wipe off a bit of sauce from a corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth.

Ji Fengyan fluttered her eyelids in a show of thanks to Xing Lou.

Without him realizing it, the corners of Xing Lou’s lips curved upwards. He felt his mood lighten incomparably.

After Ji Fengyan expressed her thanks to Xing Lou, she turned back to her food.

“Grand Tutor, it is such a rare treat to see you smiling.” A deep voice suddenly resonated from the side.

Xing Lou’s smile immediately vanished without a trace. He turned and glanced at the approaching Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Xing Lou said placidly, “Your Majesty.”

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