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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 216: Grand Tutor’s Blessings (2)

Chapter 216: Grand Tutor’s Blessings (2)

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The Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon nodded with a smile. He held a scepter in one hand, while the other was circled round Imperial Consort Lian Yi’s waist.

“Since Grand Tutor is rarely in such a good mood, I will also not disturb you further. However… Grand Tutor, today is Little Thirteen’s birthday and I hope you can give him your blessings.” The Emperor’s tone held a great modicum of sincerity, as well as doting affection for his son.

The Grand Tutor was the spiritual icon of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. People believed that the Grand Tutor held the holiest power and his blessings would be sought for every newborn royal at birth. However, it just so happened that Xing Lou was not in the capital when the Thirteenth Prince was born. Blessing the child after his day of birth was not as effectual, and they had no choice but to wait till today.

Without another word, Xing Lou gracefully stood up, the dark brown smear on his white robe failing to diminish his elegant presence.

Total silence fell across the grand hall, even the musicians had stopped their playing. Everyone held their breath as they put down their cutlery, all eyes on Xing Lou.

The Grand Tutor’s blessings—only members of the royal household enjoyed that special privilege, and even then, not all royal members had that honor.

If they missed it on their day of birth, it was rare to get another chance to receive the Grand Tutor’s blessings. The Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had taken advantage of today being the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday to request for a blessing from the Grand Tutor. It could be seen that the Emperor held the Thirteenth Prince in high regard.

The surrounding atmosphere caused Ji Fengyan to raise her head from the sumptuous embrace of the delicious food. She looked at the Imperial Consort Lian Yi, who was standing next to the Emperor.

Imperial Consort Lian Yi was only in her early twenties and already a renowned beauty at the border. The pampering comforts that came with being an imperial consort further enhanced her lovely fair complexion until it was like a piece of white jade. With an appropriate smile on her face, she stood beside the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Although her presence was not exceptionally striking, it was impossible for anyone to overlook her. Imperial Consort Lian Yi’s beauty had not a trace of aggressiveness, but was fluid and soothing like the air.

This was the first time Ji Fengyan laid eyes on Imperial Consort Lian Yi. Despite not being good at appraising another person, she could detect that under Imperial Consort Lian Yi’s peaceful facade hid a painful past. It seemed like she had endured some bitter suffering in her life—the space between her eyes holding a faint red aura that refused to be dispelled.

As though she could feel Ji Fengyan’s gaze, Imperial Consort Lian Yi turned to meet Ji Fengyan’s eyes. After a slight shiver, she smiled warmly at Ji Fengyan.

That smile felt like the blooming of a hundred blossoms, yet shrouded by a mass of invisible dark clouds that was not perceptible to anyone else.

Ji Fengyan gave a small nod at Imperial Consort Lian Yi, whereas under the table, her hands were rapidly trying to calculate the fortunes of Imperial Consort Lian Yi based on whatever information she had. However, Ji Fengyan failed to successfully divine her destiny—only feeling a vague sense that something was not quite right.

Divinity was not Ji Fengyan’s strongest suit, and both her Master and Grandmaster had previously warned her multiple times.

Life is predestined, destiny cannot be defied. Going against destiny will only result in chaos and bad karma. This was the overarching taboo of their immortal cultivation.

On this matter… Ji Fengyan held no particular opinion.

She would sometimes try to calculate a person’s fortune only when she had nothing better to do. Moreover, she could not divine just about anyone’s destiny.

As Ji Fengyan pondered this, the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon already had Imperial Consort Lian Yi carry the Thirteenth Prince before Xing Lou. The oblivious young prince nestled in his mother’s arms, a pair of bright brown eyes set upon his tender white face. He had inherited much of his mother’s beauty and was already extraordinarily handsome despite his young age.

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