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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 218: Are You Interested in Me? (1)

Chapter 218: Are You Interested in Me? (1)

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Because of her association with Xing Lou, even the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was genial towards Ji Fengyan.

The two most important people in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon demonstrated goodwill towards Ji Fengyan. This silenced all the girls who had previously mocked Ji Fengyan, and no one dared to say anything else.

However, they were wildly jealous.

After the blessing, the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and the Imperial Consort Lian Yi left without bothering Xing Lou further. Everyone conversed with ease amidst the beautiful music, but some could not choke down their food.

Ji Qingshang’s gaze passed over the crowd and rested on Ji Fengyan, who was sitting in the corner. What was supposed to be a shameful position had been transformed into the most attractive and treasured position in the entire great hall.

Ji Qingshang was almost bleeding with jealousy as she looked at the figures of Ji Fengyan and Xing Lou sitting side by side. She had no interest whatsoever in the banquet.

At midnight, the banquet ended and everyone left the palace. After exchanging some pleasantries at the palace door, they each got into their carriages.

That night, Ji Fengyan had eaten until she was completely sated. Her usually flat stomach now bulged slightly. Even after most of the crowd had dispersed, she still had not moved from her seat.

“Thank you for your hospitality today.” Ji Fengyan rubbed her stomach and smiled at Xing Lou, who was still seated next to her.

Even though the Grand Tutor’s actions seemed eccentric at times, Ji Fengyan sensed his goodwill. However, she felt uneasy and thought his expressions of kindness were rather baffling.

Xing Lou looked at Ji Fengyan’s contented expression and a fleeting look of satisfaction surfaced in his eyes. He raised his head and looked at the dispersing crowd and asked, “How are you returning home?”

Ji Fengyan softly replied, “The Ji family has arranged for a carriage.”

Xing Lou slowly looked away. He lifted his slender fingers slightly and pointed at the main entrance.

“Are you referring to those carriages?”

Ji Fengyan looked in the direction of Xing Lou’s finger. Indeed, several carriages carved with the Ji family emblem were rushing past the crowd.

So… Ji Qingshang had abandoned her?

At that moment, Ji Fengyan did not know whether to laugh or cry. She briskly stood up and brushed off her clothes, then put Little Bat back on her shoulder. “It’s all right, the Ji house is not far from here. I’ve eaten so much tonight. I should take a walk to aid my digestion.”

Ji Fengyan’s attitude was nonchalant, but Xing Lou’s gaze did not leave her.

“It will take you at least half the night to walk from the palace to the Ji house.” Xing Lou abruptly reminded her.

Ji Fengyan said, “…”

It was all right; she could move much faster than a carriage.

However, Xing Lou did not know Ji Fengyan’s thoughts, so he stood up and said, “I’ll take you home.”

Ji Fengyan said, “??”

Xing Lou tilted his head to look at Ji Fengyan, who sat motionless in her chair and spontaneously extended a hand to her.

Xing Lou’s hand was broad but delicate. Every finger was slender and beautiful. Although it looked like it had been carved out of white jade, it was not delicate like that of a woman.

When Ji Fengyan did not reply after a long time, Xing Lou suddenly asked her softly, “What’s the matter?”

His voice was very soft and sounded both doubtful and perplexed.

Ji Fengyan inwardly wiped her face. She cried inwardly as she looked at Xing Lou’s handsome face.

Was the Grand Tutor really not interested in me?

Please, if you shower me with so much attention, I will really think that you have taken a fancy to me!

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