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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 219: Are You Interested in Me? (2)

Chapter 219: Are You Interested in Me? (2)

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“That’s all right. I can go home by myself.” Ji Fengyan smilingly replied.

She was not a fickle woman!

In some ways, Ji Fengyan was surprisingly normal.

Xing Lou frowned slightly, as if he could not understand why Ji Fengyan had rejected his good intentions.

As she looked at the frowning Xing Lou, Ji Fengyan felt as if her heart was being hammered. The dejected expression on that extremely handsome face was almost… lethal!

“Grand Tutor, you previously left Ji City in such a hurry. Have you found the person I was looking for?” Ji Fengyan suddenly asked.

Xing Lou was slightly taken aback. He thought awhile before he finally recalled who Ji Fengyan was looking for. His expression became strange and his eyes that had been closely following Ji Fengyan inexplicably turned aside.

“Not yet.” Xing Lou replied softly.

Ji Fengyan cleared her throat and said, “Well… Grand Tutor, actually I have something to confess.”

“Go ahead.” Xing Lou’s gaze moved aside.

“I previously told you that the person I asked you to find was a younger brother that I had taken in, but… that’s not the truth. Little Liu Huo is actually my fiance.” Ji Fengyan kept her face straight as she spouted nonsense.

Xing Lou’s hand, which was lying on the table, suddenly trembled violently. Ji Fengyan’s words seemed to have frozen his entire body into place.

Ji Fengyan calmly studied Xing Lou’s expression and inwardly applauded her own quick wit.

She could not be blamed for flattering herself, as Xing Lou’s actions could truly be misinterpreted. To avoid further distress, Ji Fengyan had simply used the runaway little Liu Huo as a cover.

“Although he’s a little younger than me, he is very considerate of me. I will be forever indebted to the Grand Tutor if he can locate him.” Ji Fengyan continued spouting nonsense.

Xing Lou’s head drooped involuntarily and he was silent.

Ji Fengyan saw that her bitter pill had worked and immediately sneaked away. She exchanged a few pleasantries with Xing Lou, then left with Little Bat.

Xing Lou did not react until Ji Fengyan had left the grand hall. Xuan Wei, who stood by the side, frowned as he looked at Ji Fengyan’s fleeing figure. Then he turned and prepared to speak to Xing Lou.

Xing Lou suddenly raised his hands and covered his face.

The skin under his palm was burning hot and the pair of eyes that peeked out from between his fingers glowed red.

“Grand Tutor?” Xuan Wei looked faintly surprised as he had never seen Xing Lou in such a state of embarrassment.

Xing Lou shook his head, took a deep breath, and stood up. His jade white face still looked a little flushed. If most of the participants in the banquet had not already left, they would have been fascinated by his face that looked even more handsome when it was stained with red.

“Follow her.” Xing Lou barely moved his lips when he spoke.

Xuan Wei nodded and his tall figure suddenly vanished.

Only the palace’s cleaning staff and Xing Lou remained in the large hall. Naturally, the palace servants did not dare to go near the Grand Tutor.

Xing Lou stood at the entrance of the great hall looking at the bright moon. He subconsciously lifted his hand to cover his chest. His heart, like his face, was burning. The slightly mischievous tone, like a cup of mellow wine, reverberated in every part of his body.

[Little Liu Huo is actually my fiance.]

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