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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 220: Are You Interested in Me? (3)

Chapter 220: Are You Interested in Me? (3)

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Ji Fengyan left the palace and hummed to herself as she brought Little Bat through the capital at nightfall. Now that the day’s bustle had faded, a peaceful atmosphere lay over the capital. The surrounding hubbub had ceased and only the chirping of insects meshed with the sound of the night wind.

Little Bat crouched on Ji Fengyan’s shoulder and tried to speak several times, but each time was silenced by Ji Fengyan lightly placing a fingertip on its little mouth.

Only when they had reached the Ji home and entered her own room, did Ji Fengyan put Little Bat on the table. Then she walked over to the window and looked out.

“That Xing Lou is not really interested in me is he…” Ji Fengyan’s expression was a little confused. Not long after she had started walking, she had sensed that someone was following her. His scent was very similar to that of Xuan Wei, who was close to Xing Lou. She had held her horses and only relaxed now that Xuan Wei’s scent had disappeared.

As for a certain someone’s consideration, Ji Fengyan had nothing to say.

In reality, if Xuan Wei had not secretly followed her, she would have turned into a Yu Feng talisman and flown back to the Ji house with Little Bat. Then she would not have had to spend half the night walking through the capital…

“Perhaps I am thinking too much.” The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips curled a little. It was not that she had no confidence in herself;It was just that she understood her current body too well. This body was certainly no beauty and probably had less than half of Xing Lou’s good looks.


Ji Fengyan was determined to locate a certain beauty who had run away from home and had no time for other considerations.

Having reached this conclusion, Ji Fengyan did not feel confused any longer. She changed her clothes, sat at the table, and pierced her fingertip with a needle. She squeezed out two drops of blood and placed them in a dish.

Little Bat could hardly wait and immediately swooped in. It held the drops of blood and ate until it was satisfied. Then the contented Little Bat bounced onto the floor and suddenly turned into a pretty little child.

“I sensed a similar scent!” Little Bat batted its eyes and looked at Ji Fengyan.

These words immediately summoned Ji Fengyan’s energy!

Ji Fengyan’s eyes glittered as she asked, “Where?”

Little Bat thought for a moment and said, “That… that one next to the very handsome person… but… I am not very sure. The other person concealed his scent very well and I only had a vague feeling but… I’m not certain…”

Little Bat looked timidly at Ji Fengyan. His previous perception had not been too clear. When they were in the palace, many of the girls had used perfume and the smell affected Little Bat’s perception. Little Bat had only sensed something odd later when Xuan Wei had followed them.

Ji Fengyan was taken aback. “Are you referring to Xuan Wei?”

Little Bat said, “I am uncertain! Don’t blame me if I’m wrong… there were too many smells in the palace and I could not differentiate them at that time…”

Despite Little Bat’s uncertainty, ripples were already forming in Ji Fengyan’s thoughts.

If Little Bat had this perception, then perhaps Xuan Wei really belonged to the Blood Clan…

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and inwardly decided that if she had the opportunity in the future to meet Xing Lou, she would certainly test Xuan Wei’s identity. Besides any other considerations, it was worth it just to see if she could discover Liu Huo’s location.

“It’s quite a big gain. I’ll reduce the bill when I have a reckoning with the Ji family.” Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled into an evil smile. She had not forgotten all that the Ji family had arranged for her tonight!

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