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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 221: Return It to Me (1)

Chapter 221: Return It to Me (1)

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Early the next morning, Ji He was told that Ji Fengyan had returned the previous night. He immediately sensed that something was amiss and summoned Ji Qingshang for questioning.

“Didn’t you meet anyone from the Lei family last night?” Ji He frowned as he looked at Ji Qingshang. Ji Qingshang had returned first last night and he thought that the matter was resolved. However, early the next morning, the servants relayed the news of Ji Fengyan’s return last night.

Ji Qingshang had not slept well and that morning, her face was rather haggard and there were deep shadows under her eyes. She raised her eyes and looked at Ji He. “There were people from the Lei family.”

Ji He was perplexed. “Since they were there, why did they let Ji Fengyan off so easily?”

Ji Qingshang’s expression grew even uglier. She recounted what had happened between Lei Yuanxu and Ji Qingshang that night. Ji He grew increasingly uneasy as he listened, and as the tale progressed, so did his shock.

“Are you saying that the Grand Tutor punished Lei Yuanxu?” Ji He asked, with a shocked face.

Ji Qingshang said, “It wasn’t a simple punishment. His bodyguard chopped off Lei Yuanxu’s arm on the spot. Lei Yuanxu was a fairly promising youth in the Lei family, so when his arm was publicly hacked off, Lei Qing did not dare to linger and took him away quickly.”

The more she thought about it, the more angry Ji Qingshang felt. She could not accept the Lei family’s failure to take Ji Fengyan down by a peg or two.

“This…” Ji He frowned deeply. He had not expected Lei Yuanxu to such bad luck as to immediately meet Xing Lou and coincidentally have Xing Lou overhear him humiliating a terminator.

“Lei Yuanxu was too arrogant. Some things should not be said in the palace. This time Ji Fengyan was lucky but… the Lei family knows she has returned. Since Lei Yuanxu’s loss of an arm can be attributed to her, the Lei family will certainly not let it go.” Ji He thought for a moment and a malicious look flashed across his eyes.

When Ji Qingshang heard this, she was immediately invigorated.

“Second Uncle, are you saying that… the Lei family will take further action?”

Ji He nodded.

“You need not inquire further into this matter. Since your Oldest Uncle is handling it, he would have taken every precaution. Let Ji Fengyan be smug for a couple of days.”

Ji Qingshang struggled for a moment, then silently nodded. She inwardly anticipated the day when the Lei family would get rid of Ji Fengyan.

Just as the two of them were talking, one of Ji Qingshang’s servants hurried in.

The flustered servant said, “Miss! Something terrible has happened!”

Ji Qingshang glared at her and said, “Have you no regard for the rules? What are you fussing about?”

The servant said, “Ninth Mistress… Ninth Mistress has… suddenly forced her way into your compound…”

“What?” Ji Qingshang’s face changed.

Ji Fengyan dared to trespass on her territory?

Where did she find the courage!

“We tried to drive her out many times, but she ignored us completely.” The servant spoke in loathing tones.

“Second Uncle! Look at what Ji Fengyan has done now!” Ji Qingshang widened her eyes and looked plaintively at the unhappy-looking Ji He.

Ji He frowned slightly. “All right, I’ll go with you to see what Ji Fengyan has up her sleeve today.”

As they spoke, Ji He and Ji Qingshang followed the servant to the compound where she lived.

Just as they reached the compound’s exterior, they could hear a dreadful ruckus from within. Their expressions changed slightly and they subconsciously quickened their steps.

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