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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 222: Return It to Me (2)

Chapter 222: Return It to Me (2)

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After Ji Qingshang’s mother remarried, Ji Ru had left the yard that she was staying in empty. Ji Qingshang was originally staying in her mother’s yard but after some time, she complained that it was too old and had taken a liking towards the yard that Ji Fengyan was staying in, so she directly requested for it from Ji Qiu.

The yard that Ji Qingshang was staying in was originally Ji Fengyan’s place. After Ji Qingshang forcibly occupied it, the original owner Ji Fengyan was chased off to some remote little yard and lived miserably.

Ji He and Ji Qingshang took big strides as they entered the yard. From a distance, they could see that Ji Qingshang’s room door was wide open and a few servants who had served her usually were all kneeling outside the door with alarmed faces. There also seemed to be someone walking around within the room.

“This… what is going on?” Ji Qingshang was stunned. She could see through the wide-open door that on the ground in her room, there were many of her beloved clothes scattered all around. Those clothes all had a high value and were carefully kept by her servants, yet today…

Those clothes were thrown on the ground as if there were a pile of tattered cloth!

Just as Ji Qingshang was in a trance, someone threw another lavish piece of clothing out from the room and it immediately landed before her feet. She had almost fainted out of shock when she took a closer look.

That piece of clothing was bestowed to her by the Eldest Princess during her birthday and she had to be extremely cautious even when she was wearing it.

Who knew that…

Ji Qingshang’s expression instantly turned ghastly. She picked up the piece of clothing and suddenly rushed towards her room.

The maidservants who were kneeling outside the door immediately wailed as they hurriedly crawled towards her when they saw Ji Qingshang.

Ji Qingshang then noticed that all of their faces were covered with an obvious red hand print!

“Miss, please stop the Ninth Miss quickly! She is most likely crazy. The minute she arrived, she just barged into your room without any reason. We had tried to stop her and instead she had hit us all…” one of the maidservant said grudgingly as she wiped her tears and touched her swollen red cheeks. This sight made Ji Qingshang’s blood boil as her heart beat furiously.

Ji Qingshang suddenly looked up and quickly walked into her room.

The originally clean and exquisite room was already completely unrecognisable and the clothes that were kept in the wardrobe were all thrown onto the ground. Even the accessories that were neatly placed on the dressing table were also in a mess as they were randomly scattered on the ground.

After seeing this, Ji Qingshang almost fainted out of anger!

When Ji Qingshang saw the pompous figure sitting beside her wardrobe, the fury within her rose to her maximum tolerance level!

“Ji Fengyan! Are you crazy?! Who gave you the audacity to enter my room on your own accord and cause all this mess!” Ji Qingshang raised her finger at Ji Fengyan’s nose as she bristled with anger.

Ji Fengyan, who was in the midst of pushing Ji Qingshang’s little storage box, suddenly looked up. There was no sign of any panic on her face and instead, there was only a nonchalant smile.

“You’re back?” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said.

Her tone made Ji Qingshang even more agitated.

“How dare you still smile at me? Look at what you have done! Don’t you have any shame?! Who allowed you to enter my room?!” Ji Qingshang asked furiously.

Ji Qingshang raised her brows slightly as she looked at Ji Qingshang’s face that was already red with anger. She suddenly turned around and sat down on the bed at the side.

“Why can’t I be here?”

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